Who are the ultimate beneficiaries of mobile app, business or customers?


With routine life packed with a schedule, time is always something that entire human colony is running short of. Back in the date, there was a time, people strive hard to go out dine and wine which is now totally altered as people in the current generation are striving hard to stay at home, lie around the sofa corner and enjoy pizza while watching TV. Well, you have to go out and buy pizza which again the lazy generation don’t want to do. That’s when mobile apps enter the frame.

Well, with extending number of active customers in both categories, general customers, and corporate employees, coming up with mobile apps is benefitting two ways around. Keeping desktop and laptops aside, customers are turning mobile. The era has converted from the mobile to mobile first for customers and for the business it is the situation wherein either go mobile or get out. Don’t fall for the trap that web apps will do the work as the customers feel a wide range of difference in the UX of the web and a native mobile app. Many businesses are still in dilemma is mobile app totally necessary? From both business and customer perspective, the answer is yes, a big and loud yes.

Customers are in constant hunt of innovations that can make their life easy and comfy which definitely mobile app do. From flight booking to hotel booking, from table booking to food ordering, from cab booking to home booking and now also booking your date. From looking beautiful to looking wittier, all you can think of can be done through mobile apps. Customers would not walk to the grocery store once he comes in touch with mobile apps that deliver all the items to their home that too with some attractive deals and lower price. With competitors waiting to cut the throat at every street, you don’t come up with something new is already a death but not even coping up with what competitors are doing is putting a knife on your own throat. Customers will be highly dissatisfied if they are following you and owed their trust and loyalty to you and you just draw everything in the water.

With night culture, customers expect 24*7 availability of the services and with a mobile app, this is possible. Customer engagement and retention rate is very high with the advent of mobile apps. Let’s explore some of the key benefits that customers entail with mobile apps.

1) Single-tap access
Customers can establish trust on the business they are dealing with if there is a mobile app. Every functions and service will be curtailed to the customer with just a single tap. The app would be considered as the virtual location of your business. Always in sight, always in mind, this is what users find. If the customer gets in touch with the app and is comfortable using it, they will be mutated from customers to permanent customers and will compel others to join the same. Your app can work as a service provider and also as a source of marketing that too without investment. Without any trouble, customers can get in touch with the business and order the service as per their convenience. Anytime, anything, customers just have to make a call, or mail or text and they are done. The app is the virtual location but it is also an aid for getting to the actual location. The official address and location details along with directions can be made available to the customers through the mobile app. Customers don’t have to look around or ask people, they can get to the location right away.

2) Smooth and convenient functioning
Apart from availability what’s the thing that you love about using mobile apps? Ease and convenience, right? There is no prolonged procedure or learning sessions that you have to take to get used to the app. It’s just a few minutes that’s needed that too for the first time to get familiar with the app and then you are on the roll to use it fast and furiously as and when you want. Customers are accessed to use the app and its services from the very moment they download it on their phone.

3) Get juicy tit bits
Consumers don’t have to take the stress of finding the discount deals and special offers. Notification will always keep them updated about the new deals, discounted prices, the validity of the deal. From customers view point, they feel a personal connect with that of the business and from the business perspective they can engage their users and uplift their business. Customers feel privileged that they are getting the personal attention of the company which will keep them happy and satisfied.

4) Scheduling and Reminders
Well, in the tight schedule, it’s nothing new if something slips out of our mind. Being a customer it might have happened with you that you were waiting for a specific date on which there was a huge sale but right before the event, it just flickered out of your mind and you kissed it. What a huge regret it would have brought, right? Well, with apps you are stress-free of remembering. The process starts with notification of specific deal to the customer. If the customer finds it attractive, they can book an appointment. Business schedules it and few days before the actual event, a reminder is also sent to the customer. This clearly signifies mobile apps are highly essential for the users to stay in touch with each and every update right through their phone and on a contrary it’s also aid for the business to generate new clients and get the old one tangled.

Wrapping up
Well, coming to the conclusion, both the sides have a fair win-win scenario. Going Mobile is the new trend and there are no indications of this trend ending any soon. Be an opportunist and take the ultimate advantage being a genuine customer or being a lucrative business owner of the trend that has emerged making life simple and better and convenient.

Author Bio: Pratik Kanada is the founder & CEO of 360 Degree Technosoft, a leading mobile app development company which makes app ideas into reality by providing unique design and app development services across IOS and Android platforms.