University of Phoenix leaders attend 107th AACRAO meeting


In April 2022, top representatives of University of Phoenix took part in the American Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers (AACRAO) Annual Meeting. This was the 107th AACRAO yearly conference and ran on April 3-6 at the Oregon Convention Center in Portland. Top administrators from across the United States came together at the meeting with the shared goal of furthering professional knowledge in the academic enrollment sector.

AACRAO and Its Mission

A non-profit, voluntary organization, AACRAO has a membership base of over 11,000. These members are professionals who work in the higher education sector and represent around 2,600 private and public colleges, universities and learning institutions of all sizes, based across more than 40 countries.

AACRAO supports its members’ professional growth and well-being and champions excellence in enrollment, registration and admissions services. The association achieves this through providing the relevant instructive programs, tools for professional development and resources to guide best practices in admissions, administrative information technology, enrollment and records management and student services.

The AACRAO Annual Meeting attracts higher education professionals from a wide range of academic disciplines to network, learn and discuss key topics, paving the way for advancements in their fields. Over the four days, participants from across the U.S., including key individuals from University of Phoenix Academic Operations, engaged with hundreds of informative and enriching workshops, panels and presentations.

University of Phoenix’s emissaries for 2022 included Vice Provost of Strategy Marc Booker, PhD; Director of Admissions and Evaluation Monterey Sims; Associate Registrar Jonathan Graff, MBA; and Vice President and Registrar Audra McQuarie.

Sharing Expertise and Best Practices

Booker led two events at the AACRAO conference: a session on transfer requirements and a workshop on designing curriculums. The first session, entitled “Transfer Articulation 101,” gave listeners an overview of articulation and transfer conditions. Booker invited audience members to engage in a discussion pertinent to the issues that are currently confronting academic institutions. The session covered various topics, among them how to build fruitful articulation relationships and how to manage credit for prior learning along with general principles and guidelines for transfer.

In addition to his position at University of Phoenix, Booker is also a member of the faculty for the Leadership Development Institute of the Pacific Associate of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers (PACRAO). Drawing from his wide experience in this role, Booker co-hosted a workshop for state and regional officers called “Fostering Tomorrow’s Leaders by Ensuring Equity Today: Learn with PACRAO’s Cohort Development Model.” The workshop saw him share his expertise on curriculum design for leadership development programs.

Discussing the Issues Higher Education Is Facing

Meanwhile, Sims spearheaded two events at the annual meeting. As well as leading the session “Electronic Data Life-Cycle from Application to Enrollment — Case Studies”, she also hosted a roundtable entitled “Discussion for Improving Business Continuity Sending and/or Receiving Electronic Transcripts”, which she partook in alongside AACRAO peers from the Standardization of Post-Secondary Electronic Education Data Exchange (SPEEDE) Committee.

Two senior administrative executives from the University’s registrar’s office participated in forums on topical subjects and the emerging issues in higher education admissions and enrollment. Audra McQuarie and Jonathan Graff took part in critical discussions on compliance, access and equity and the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA).

Striving for Continuous Improvement

As one of the leaders in online higher education attending to the needs of the adult learner demographic, University of Phoenix prides itself on the continuous development of its operations and the knowledge and skills of its faculty. The University encourages faculty members to participate in academic and scholarly enterprises to further their learning, and the AACRAO Annual Meeting is just one example of these pursuits.

The University’s Provost and Chief Academic Officer John Woods, PhD, emphasized the dedication to serving students at every stage of their careers whether they are involved in higher education learning, entering the job market or pursuing the next steps in their careers. Woods explained, “Engaging in professional development events such as the AACRAO meeting ensures that our leaders continue to build their own knowledge as well as share best practices and innovations in admissions strategies and program delivery, to the benefit of our diverse student body.”

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