Ways to simplify your life as you get older


As you get older, you should be spending your time enjoying the things you have worked hard for, not unnecessary tasks. Simplifying your life can help you save time and money while reducing stress. It’s easy to become attached to routines or habits that don’t really serve you well, and this is a great time to think about what is important to you in life as you get older.

Make Your Home Easier to Live in

Your body will change as you get older, and you may find that certain aspects of your home no longer meet your needs. If you need to use a walker, cane, or wheelchair, you might find that the area rugs you collected over the years are now a tripping hazard. If you live in a multi-level home, you may find that it is harder to navigate between levels. Adapting your home to meet your changing needs can make your life simpler, allowing you to focus on what’s important to you. One adaptation you can make is to install a home lift that moves between floors, allowing you to continue to fully enjoy each level of your home.

Reconsider Your Routines

It’s easy to get into a daily routine, and you may find you are taking care of your daily tasks without having a plan in place. But being intentional about your routines can help remove unnecessary stress, allowing you to work more efficiently. Think over your obligations and commitments and create a routine around them that will help you save time. Putting similar tasks together might allow you to consolidate them. Consider creating a weekly shopping list so you don’t have to go to the grocery store more than once a week. This can also save you money. If you are only going to the store once a week, you will have fewer chances to impulse buy items. Knowing you are only going once a week may encourage you to plan your meals more carefully, so you do not waste as much food.

Make Decluttering More Manageable

You have likely had many opportunities along the way to collect clutter, and if you are looking to simplify your life, decluttering is a great place to start. But if you are considering decluttering your entire home, you may feel overwhelmed and are unsure where to start. Try to start with simpler tasks and commit to doing a few simpler tasks each week, so it’s less of a burden. You might declutter your desk one day, the kitchen table another day, and the counters on a different day. Set a timer for 10 to 20 minutes, and when it goes off, see if you feel up to doing more or not. If you are looking to downsize your belongings, try picking a few things to get rid of each week. A good place to start would be duplicates of things you do not need. You will likely feel good getting rid of these things, and it can motivate you to do more.