Ways you can enter the growing cannabis industry


As cannabis is getting more legal freedom in countries across the world, there are more opportunities for people to start working in the cannabis industry. Those who want to find a job or start a business of their own in this industry are right on time. This industry is still new, but it’s constantly growing and there are many opportunities.

However, this won’t last for long, as there are many people asking the same question: “How can I become a part of the cannabis industry?” In this post, we will try to help you find your own way in the industry and talk about options, challenges, and jobs that might be open for you.

So without any delay, let’s dig a little deeper and see where you can plant your seed.

Getting a job in the industry

There are various market researchers and analysts confirming that this industry will experience substantial growth in the near future, with almost half a million new jobs and larger profits. This means that new opportunities will arise constantly and that even a year from now this post might not be relevant, as there will be many new positions available.

Still, this doesn’t mean that getting a job in the cannabis industry will be a walk in the park because many people would love to do something related to growing or selling legal cannabis products. Bear in mind that this industry is also a strong community and you will have to meet people, network, and earn your way into the community to be accepted.

At the moment, there are far more people wanting to work in this industry than there are actually jobs available. The most important thing to understand is that you need to have the knowledge, courage, and will to really start working.

Skills that will most likely get you a job

As we said earlier, bear in mind that things might change quickly and that there might be even more skills that can help you, but for the moment here are the skills that can help the most:

Managerial experience

A lot of retailers are looking for managers to run their businesses. The reason for this is that a lot of managers are not looking for work in this industry, which means that this could be a great opportunity. The foundation of the job is pretty much the same as in any other industry, with only the products being different.

Instead of using inventory management software, you will use marijuana software to track sales, metrics, event planning, and organize product flow. Yes, there are already solutions specialized for this industry and seeing modern technology supporting its growth makes it look even more promising.

People skills

If you have great people skills and you are able to find a mutual language with everyone, then you can be a valuable asset to this industry. As the market is expanding there are more retail providers, so there is a need for lots of customer service personnel.

There is a demand for face-to-face communication with customers, as well as supporting many customers through online channels. This is the largest area of this industry, so getting a job here would be a great place to start.

Tourism knowledge

One of the biggest aspects of this young industry is the tourism element. A growing number of people are traveling around the world to states where they can legally buy and consume marijuana.

This is the main motivation behind their travels, so many travel agencies now base their services on “cannabis tourism”. You can either be a host, or a tour guide, take people to your favorite places where they can try great products or simply offer a weed shop of some sort if you operate in a tourist location.

Manufacturing and science

Having a background in any of these two can increase your chances of finding work. New products need to be introduced, tested, packed, and delivered to the consumers, like in any other industry. There are many more roles available that you’ll find in other industries as well, such as web developers, programmers, marketers, bloggers, etc.

This market is still young but there are a lot of opportunities for future growth, which is imminent. Be prepared to work hard and compete for your dream job.