What should a first-time renter look out for when renting an apartment?


Your first apartment is always memorable, and a first apartment is an exciting event. Maybe you are moving out of your parent’s house or a dorm; having your place is fun and exciting. No matter how big or small, it will be your place and your rules. Just like blackjack real money, the whole thought, in itself, is exciting and fun! However, it is not easy to rent a home.

Generally, when you rent an apartment, you have to pay advance rent, so it isn’t exactly like you can vacate the place when you want to; you will have to stay there. So be careful of how you go about it. Consider these pointers to help you out. You can review these tips and do your homework before renting your apartment.

15 Things to Consider Before You Rent Your First Apartment

Renting and moving into an apartment is not easy and requires a lot of thinking. There are a lot of things to consider when touring a new apartment. Here are a few pointers you need to consider before looking for an apartment and a few others to help you find the right one.

Prepare An Apartment Rental Checklist

This is perhaps the most step of all. Sit down and jot down all the points you can think of for your new apartment. From the budget down to the actual moving, go through the process and make a checklist of things you need and can afford. In the following points, we will help you with this checklist by telling you the most important things to consider.

Determine Your Budget

Very carefully, settle a budget for the rent. Take all your sources of income (if more than one) into consideration, along with your expenditure, which might include grocery, utilities, conveyance, and dining out, then decide how much you can spare for your rent. A generic calculation shows that you should keep 30% of your income for rent. Of course, this amount might be different from one person to another, according to your needs.

Try To Look for An Apartment During the Off-Season

There are times when rents go skyrocketing. That time is generally the holidays because people do not want to move during the term. So if you can wait, try to avail that time, and you will get a reasonable rent.

Take Your Time to Search

Do not make rash decisions even if you think it is an ideal deal. Do your research before deciding on your apartment. If the apartment is going for low, there must be a reason, and you should check before deciding. Check apartments in two or three localities before deciding upon one. Please ask for a virtual tour if you are moving cities and cannot visit the apartments in person. It generally takes a few months to find an apartment that suits your needs.

Be Careful While Choosing Your Neighborhood

The neighborhood is extremely important. There are a lot of things that you should keep under consideration when moving. We all have a dream neighborhood, but dreams must be kept aside when we enter practical life.

First of all, consider your mode of commute. If you are using public transport, consider finding an apartment near a public station. If you drive your car, check how far you are from your workplace.

Then consider whether you want a quiet place for your apartment or a livelier one, whether you want to be near or far from the main attractions. Keep everything in mind when you choose a neighborhood. Also, narrow down at least three neighborhoods.

Check The Parking Area

Considering the parking condition is extremely important. Please check if your apartment complex has parking that suits your parking needs. Keep your car’s insurance policy in mind as well.

Decide Upon a Floor

Choosing a floor can be difficult. The rents increase or decrease accordingly. The ground floor is suitable for people with pets. Besides, the rent on the ground floor is generally lower. But the view is awful, of course. As you move up, the rent will go up as well.

Be Sure to Ask Questions During Your Tours

Make a list of inquiries and ask them when you go for a tour, whether in person or virtually. Below are a few questions you can ask to get a clearer picture of what you are getting.

  1. The first question is obvious, what is the rent?
  2. The second should be regarding the security deposits.
  3. Next, ask about how much time you have to fill the unit.
  4. Question about the utilities that will be or if covered in the rent.
  5. Question about late fee policy.
  6. Always inquire about the subletting policy.
  7. Pet Policy is important.
  8. Enquire about the amenities and which ones are accessible to you.

Learn To Spot Rental Scams

Rental scams are when the property is misrepresented. Generally, first-timers and virtual parties are most susceptible to them. Too-good-to-be-true deals are often scams. Beware of them. Ask as many questions as you can.

Try to visit the site, and if you are not in town and decide to go for it, check the neighborhood or another listing in the same area. If you can get someone to check it, it will be better. Check the paperwork very carefully.

Consider Future Expenses

Many new renters do not take into consideration the upfront costs. These include deposit fee, first month’s rent, application fee, legal fee, and then for the moving itself, furniture, moving costs, utilities, parking, and repairs. Make sure you do not go bankrupt after paying for all of this.

Decide If You Need A Roommate

It might be a good idea to sublet your apartment, at least for the first few months, to cover the expenses of moving in. make sure your apartment covers the subletting clause. It will help you financially no end. If you decide to get a roommate, settle on a living arrangement. Here are a few pointers for that. Ideally, these should be set before they move in.

  • Decide on a cut-off time.
  • Be sure to discuss the parking issue.
  • Decide upon further guests.
  • Decide upon a payment mode.
  • Decide about the house chores.

Think About Amenities

Decide what amenities are essential for you and which are being offered by the apartment complex. If there are none, you might want an apartment nearer to a club or community center that offers such things. If not amenities, you might want to be near the city center so that such facilities are accessible.

Gather Your Paperwork and Purchase Renters Insurance

Paperwork is important. Make sure your file is complete, and always check the papers from the landlord. All documents should be in order and if required, get someone to explain all the clauses before you sign up. Always purchase your renters’ insurance.

Organize Your Move

Once the paperwork is done, start thinking through the actual move. Arrange to have your stuff moved. Or maybe you need to buy the bare essentials. You can entail the help of family and friends for the move. Make sure you get the utilities listed. And do not forget to have the mailing address changed.

Be Sure to Deep Clean Your New Apartment Before Moving In

Hygienically, this is extremely important. You can hire professionals for the cleaning, or you can do it yourself, maybe ask friends to help you out. Clear out the cupboards so that you don’t get nasty surprises.