5 industries that desperately need graduates


If you are hoping to get a degree in a field that will allow you to get a job right away, you need to focus on the industries that are in desperate need of graduates. Five of those industries are listed below, so consider heading to school with the intention of diving into these areas, as doing so will increase the odds that you will be met with far less competition from fellow job seekers.

1.         Tax Professionals

Taxes are complicated, especially in the United States. Whether you want to help individuals or businesses file their taxes correctly and save the most money possible, you should consider getting your online master of science in taxation by enrolling in a highly regarded online master in taxation program. You will gain all of the skills necessary to work as a tax professional on a variety of levels and you will be ready to enter a field that is always searching for pros who know tax law inside and out.

2.         IT and Software Pros

So much business today is done online from around the world, which is one of the many reasons why there is a high demand for professionals who are proficient in software and information technology, also known as IT. Businesses of all sizes and in all industries are searching for app developers, web developers and designers, and data analysts, and these jobs all pay really well. Just be prepared to move through continuing education requirements even after you get a job, as you will need to keep up with changes in technology and expectations.

3.         Health Care Workers

There is a long list of jobs that you can fill when you become qualified to work in the field of health care. Whether you want to work in a dentist’s office as an assistant or you want to be a head surgeon at a hospital, health care jobs are always in demand. These jobs often pay really well and because they require such specialized skills, there is often a shortage of qualified applicants.

4.         Construction Workers

If you want to avoid being stuck behind a desk and working at a computer all day, a hands-on construction job could be perfect for you. Home building has been on the rise in recent years and many people renovate their homes on a regular basis as well. That is why construction workers are always in demand, and the jobs also pay well.

5.         Teachers and Educators

Like the medical field, the field of education is vast, with many different job opportunities for those who want to impact the future by working with our youth. You can work as a principal or a school administrator if teaching in a classroom does not suit you, or you could work in a college or university, become a tutor, or work as a guidance counselor.

With a better understanding of what industries are seeking the highest number of college graduates, you can dramatically boost the odds that you will find employment after you are done with school. And that means that you can pay off any student loan debt that you incurred, without having to stress about going without a good paying job.