All you need to know about living and studying in Dublin


Ireland is a very popular choice for students from abroad thanks to its rich heritage and history, fantastic universities, competitive tuition fees, beautiful coastline scenery, and vibrant night life. To add to this, the Irish are well known for being friendly and welcoming to foreigners so people know they will be treated with respect. Ireland has great universities across the country, but Dublin is the place to go. Dublin is a big city that always has plenty of entertainment going on. With bustling bars and pubs playing live traditional music, stunning architecture and interesting museums, there is always something to occupy yourself with in Dublin. If it is happening in Ireland, then the likely scenario is that it is happening in Dublin. 

Great Choice of International Universities

There are many universities throughout Ireland that rank really well on an international level, so it is never too surprising to hear that Ireland is a popular destination for students from all over the world. Higher education in the Emerald Isle is made up of universities, institutes of technology, and specialist colleges. 

Ireland’s seven universities are ranked in the world’s top 700, while the top five highest ranked Universities in the country are in the world’s top 450. Three of the best are located in Dublin, and these are the Trinity College Dublin, the University College Dublin, and Dublin City University.

Trinity College Dublin was formed back in 1592, making it Ireland’s oldest highest education institution. It was modelled after the famous Cambridge and Oxford colleges. Nowadays, it is Ireland’s most critically acclaimed university, and it is ranked as the 104th best university in the world. There are more than 17,000 students enrolled in Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences. 

University College Dublin was founded back in 1854 and it is ranked as the 193rd best university in the world. It has around 34,000 students and is split into five colleges, eighteen research institutes, and thirty-four schools. It has had some very famous students in the past such as actor Gabriel Byrne, writer James Joyce, and director Neil Jordan. 

Dublin City University is a baby when compared to the two historic universities above as it was built in 1975 and achieved university status 14 years later. Since then, it has quickly established itself as a very good university and finds itself ranked as the 422nd best university in the world. It has around 17,000 students and has some extremely impressive on-campus facilities. 

Reasonable Accommodation Costs

Dublin as become a very popular city for people to live, study, and work in and this means that finding accommodations with reasonable rental prices can be quite tricky. However, things are improving thanks to new laws and regulations that control rental prices and encourages more building are now in effect. Therefore, with persistence and planning, you can definitely find a nice and affordable place to live during your stay. 

You have a number of different choices as to where you live during your studies. For example, you could decide to live on the University Campus. This is a very convenient option as you are right on top of your classes, you are surrounded by people who are like you, and there are plenty of facilities to keep you entertained when you are not at class. Accommodation on campus is very popular and is quickly snapped up, so you have to get in quick if you do not want to miss out. The cost of accommodation on campus ranges from €500 to €1000 per month. They are reasonably priced due to competition from other international universities and scholarships in Poland

If you are looking to spend a bit less than that on accommodation because you have expensive student loans too, then your best bet would be to share an apartment or house off campus somewhere. If you take the time to look, you might be able to rent a single room in a shared apartment or house for around €400 per month, which is pretty reasonable if you ask us. 

Another option for you could be to live with a local family. Homeowners in Dublin are currently being encouraged to rent a spare room to a student, and many are giving it a go. So, if you have no issues living with a family of Dubliners, then this can be a great way to keep your bills low while finding out more about the great city that you are living in. 

Quality Public Transport

Getting around Dublin is very easy due to the extensive public bus routes. Similar to living in Toronto, wherever you want to go in the city, just hop on a bus and you will be there in next to no time. The last regular bus is at 23.30, but if you are out late on Friday and Saturday night letting your hair down, there is a night service that runs between midnight and 04.00. 

As well as buses, you can hop on a tram to get to wherever you want to go. There are two lines, red and green, and these serve most areas of Central Dublin as well as a few residential areas. On weekdays and Saturdays, the last tram from the City Centre is at 00.47, while the last one from St Stephen’s Green is at 00.41. On Sunday evening, they finish an hour earlier. 

There is also a train service in the city that operates on five different routes and will take you to other cities and towns outside Dublin such as Dundalk, Longford, Portlaoise, Dunboyne, and Gorey. So, if you do not mind doing a bit of a commute each day, then you could consider staying in one of these locations as the rental prices will be lower. If you feel like a day out or a weekend break in one of Ireland’s other big cities such as Galway or Cork, then you can get there using a train as well. 

Another mode of transport available to those in Dublin is a taxi or Uber. The main taxi ranks can be found at the city centre on O-Connell Street, but if you do not want to wait in a long queue then there is always the option of trying to hail an empty cab from the street. 

If you want to stay fit, then you should consider hiring a bike. Dublin is one of the most bike-friendly cities in the world and has around 120km of cycling lanes. If you want to hire a car or a motorbike, then there are plenty of different options available for you too. 

The costs of public transport can quickly add up, so if you want to save money (what student doesn’t?), then we recommend that you get a Student Leap Card. Those who are possession of this card can save 50% on public transport. To add to this, you can also use it to get neat discounts on leading products and brands all over Ireland. 

Friendly, Fun and Open-Minded Culture

One thing that you need to be aware of when you move to Dublin is that the locals will be very open-minded and direct. One of the greatest qualities of the Irish is that they are never afraid to tell you what they think. If they think that you are being a bit of a prat, they definitely will not think twice about letting you know. 

If you are sitting in the pub having a quiet drink by yourself, do not be too surprised if someone comes towards you and wants to join you for a chat. When this happens to you, do not be afraid or intimidated as the people of Ireland are extremely friendly and just love speaking to strangers. If they realise that you are from another neck of the woods, they will come and speak to you as they are generally interested to find out more about where you are from and your reason for being in Dublin. They will also be happy to answer any questions that you have about Dublin. Being friendly, fun, and open-minded is just part of the Irish culture and the world would definitely be a better place if everyone was like this. 

World Class Entertainment Options

Now, we know that you are in Dublin to study and get a higher education, but you deserve to let your hair down every now and then, and there is no better place to do so than the capital of Ireland. When it comes to entertainment, there is so much to do in Dublin that you will never get bored. In fact, if you find that you are bored, then you are definitely doing something wrong.

Bars and Clubs

Dublin has a brilliant nightlight, and the pub-to-person ratio of this city is the envy of many across the world. Some bars and clubs do not allow customers in who are dressed too casually, so do try to make some effort to avoid being embarrassed at the door. Bars serve alcohol until 23.00 Monday to Wednesday and until midnight for the rest of the week. Clubs will usually serve booze until 02.30, but there are some that will serve a little bit longer. 

The good news about the pubs and clubs in Dublin is that there is a great variety, so you will be able to find exactly what you are looking for regardless of your musical tastes, nightlife habits, or sexual orientation. 

Below we have listed some great venues that you should definitely check out:

  • Frank Ryan’s (Pub) – You can have the best Guinness in Dublin here – need we say more?
  • The Temple Bar (Pub) – This is popular among tourists which means you get to interact with people from all over.
  • Sugar Club (Club) – This club also hosts comedy nights, film nights, and quizzes.
  • CopperFace Jacks (Club) – This is a well-known club in Dublin and is popular among teachers and nurses.
  • Club Nassau (Club) – If you are after 80s music, then this is the place to go.


If you like to try a bit of gambling every now and then, you will be glad to hear that there are many great land-based casinos in Dublin too. Below we take a quick look at three of the best. 

D1 Club: This casino first opened its doors in 2012 and it has gone on to become very popular among locals. Here you can find all the traditional table games such as poker, baccarat, blackjack, and craps as well as plenty of slot games. There is also a bar, a restaurant, and a smoking area. 

The Sporting Emporium Casino: It is regarded as the best casino in Dublin due to the fact that when you are inside you would be forgiven for thinking you are in Vegas. This is the only place in Dublin where you can play Money Wheel and Free Bet Blackjack. You can also enjoy roulette, poker, and baccarat in complete style and luxury. As can be guessed from the name, there is a strong sporting emphasis, so you can watch all major sporting events here.

The Fitzwilliam Casino and Card Club: This casino, regarded as the best casino in Ireland, has been opened for three decades. There are regular tournaments and leagues here and you are spoiled for choice when it comes to table and slot games. It also caters for beginners and will allow you to learn against skillful operators.

Due to the current global situation, land-based casinos across Ireland are currently closed. However, this does not mean that you cannot get your gambling fix. There are plenty of online casinos that accept players from Ireland and if you are struggling to find the best one then we recommend They have a team of experts who share their extensive knowledge and will help you find the best online casino for you.


Sometimes you might just want to sit back, relax, and enjoy one of the latest great movies. When this happens to be the case, you will be spoiled for choice as Dublin just so happens to have a number of great cinemas. In fact, there are no fewer than 20 cinemas scattered across the city. Below we have listed five of the best:

    • Cineworld Cinema
    • Savoy Cinema
    • Light House Cinema
    • The Stella Cinema Rathmines
    • Odeon Point Square