Cambridge assigns Commissars to white academics


In Soviet Russia, there was real concern that the guys with guns, i.e., the army, might someday turn on the ideologues who were running the show. One of the solutions (beyond the Leftist favorite of “mass murder”) was the new military position of Commissar, who kept a close eye on the officers and troops, to be sure they were sticking with the pogrom program.

These days, nearly everyone has guns (legal or not), and with the internet, it’s ideas, not guns, which hold a better chance of changing things. And so the Commissars are on campus, one of America’s better sources of ideas. I’ve written before of the “bias response teams” of Commissars which seek out and punish faculty who engage in wrongthink.

In a previous century, our system of higher education was imitated throughout the world, due to its considerable success both in research and in educating the intellectual elite of the population. Today, our system has been thoroughly corrupted by the student loan scam and the Leftist takeover. Sadly, that corruption is being copied across a world that somehow has not learned of what has happened here.

Canada has long since fallen, but it’s been interesting watching the UK’s system follow in our footsteps. Oxford is now debasing itself for diversity, and now Commissars are becoming a thing on UK campuses as well:

Cambridge to assign white academics an ethnic minority mentor to combat racism and assist ‘institutional change’

Institutional change? Cambridge is over 800 years old…are we sure it should adopt this ideological fad? I know, maintaining tradition isn’t necessarily a good thing, but shouldn’t there be some deliberation here? I strongly suspect the faculty don’t want commissars looking over their shoulder, but much like in the US, faculty are no longer allowed meaningful input in education.

Under the project, white senior academics and management staff are assigned one of their black, Asian and minority ethnic (BAME) colleagues as a mentor in order to encourage “institutional change” at the university.

For now, the Commissars will be other faculty on campus but I strongly suspect that will change soon enough. The gentle reader should note that only white academics will be assigned these overseers.

Let’s turn this around as a thought experiment. If I were an academic in China (don’t laugh, I considered this years ago), and I were suddenly assigned to “mentor” a senior Chinese academic I’d…try to reason with the lunatics doing this, though I suspect that would fail. The mere fact that I was already faculty on the campus would indicate the “racism” wasn’t particularly foul, and I’d be hard pressed to offer much criticism—how much racism could there possibly be in my senior’s discussion of mathematical concerns? If anything, I suspect my onerous presence would only increase racial tensions, and it wouldn’t surprise me if my senior started to avoid any but forced contact with the “white devil” looking over his shoulder.

And so my thought experiment bears fruit: this plan will only exacerbate such problems as might possibly already exist. I assure the gentle reader that this is exactly what the ideologues on campus want, as I’ve observed many times on campuses here in the U.S.

What prompted this lunacy?

Indiana Seresin, 26, said that as a white student she had “benefited from the structural racism” of the university and felt she had an “imperative” to leave.

She said she has witnessed an “accumulation” of racist incidents during her time at the university, and went on to describe an incident where an English lecturer “repeatedly read aloud the n-word during our class discussions”.

So, a single student complained. Note the phrasing above, the lecturer was “reading aloud.” Was the lecturer, perhaps, reading some of the works of Mark Twain? It’s so demented that Twain used that word in his works to emphasize how dehumanizing it was…and now his works are being censored because of his ideas, but I digress.

Ms Seresin told how this incident, as well as the lack of black lecturers and postdoctoral researchers at Cambridge, left her convinced of the university’s racism.

Once again the edu-fascism, the merger of administrative and ideological interests, comes to campus. A single student complaint will now lead to heightened racial tensions on campus, allowing an expansion of bureaucracy (in theory, to reduce such tensions, in practice to make them worse), enhancing the power of both ideologues and administration.

A university spokesman said that the reverse mentoring scheme, which has run as a pilot for the past academic year, has been a success and is likely to be rolled out on a wider scale next year.

Well of course admin says it’s a success. Any faculty who complained would be summarily removed from campus; it’s why every administrative scheme (note the word) is always ruled a success.

One project that has won funding was proposed by the Sedgwick Museum, the university’s geology museum founded in 1728, which hopes to transform itself into a “more welcoming and accessible space for BAME people”.

–BAME stands for “Black, Asian, and Minority Ethnic”…when whites are a minority in a generation or so, don’t expect it to include them, however.

And just like that, a boring old geology museum is removed to make place for a spiffy new Diversity Fiefdom. Yeah, that’ll fix the problem of people reading Mark Twain for sure!

Cambridge has also introduced a new leadership programme for staff, which includes training on race awareness and implicit bias, and every College now has a Discrimination and Harassment Contact whose duty is to oversee “a culture of continuous improvement”.

Hey, look, it’s the Bias Response Team, but with longer words. Please, God, spare us the theme of “continuous improvement,” as it ultimately just means the admin will perpetually ask for MOAR.

Another change introduced in the past year is that BAME students can now request to see a BAME councillor and new staff recruitment guidelines have been developed to help attract and recruit applicants from a diverse range of backgrounds.

Look at all the bureaucracy which has sprouted up like the vilest of weeds in only the past year! This is what edu-fascism promises, and delivers, every time.

Student loans ‘heading for trillion pounds’

Much as here, the student loan debt system is heavily supported by the government. It’s nice that they’re not over the trillion units of currency yet but they’re predict that’ll change within the generation.

Only if they continue to copy our corrupted system.