Which degrees yield the most flexible career paths


With literally hundreds of career paths available to those studying at colleges and universities, choosing the right one can be a challenge. After all, people’s tastes and interests change over time: some degrees and careers do not provide the flexibility necessary to branch out into new endeavors.

As you grow and change over the course of your working years, you want to be sure that you have the opportunity to try new professions and explore new horizons. Some degrees provide more flexibility in this regard than others. Let’s review a few of the most flexible degrees in terms of what career paths they can offer you.

Master in Civil Engineering

One of the most in-demand fields right now is in the world of engineering. There are many different fields in which engineering is needed – meaning that those with an engineering degree of any type can find high-paying work easily!

Holding a master’s degree in civil engineering can propel you toward a well-paying career in the public or private sector. There are many online and physical campuses like the New Jersey Institute of Technology that offer civil engineering online degrees – both masters and bachelors – to put you on the right path.

Master in Business Administration

A plurality of college graduates seek a career in business and graduate with business degrees. Widely considered one of the more flexible degrees out there, a career in business can take you anywhere.

Specifically, putting the work in to earn a master’s in business administration will empower you and open plenty of doors with virtually any business imaginable. Whether you want to work in the private or public sectors, in telecommunications or charity work, or in something entirely different, an MBA makes it possible. While this does require 6 years of study, it will set you apart from most other people who merely possess bachelor degrees in business fields.

Master in Financial Economics

Every business tries its best to see the future. Being able to plan for future economic shifts and changes is paramount to businesses that want to weather the economic climate successfully. Because of this, more and more financial economists are in demand than ever before!

With a master in financial economics, you’ll be well-positioned to acquire prominent employment opportunities with any number of Fortune 500 companies. As these companies want to be on the forefront of every economic situation, your skills in this area will give you a choice of working in virtually any economic sector.

Master in Mathematics

The demand for STEM careers continues to accelerate – and there is a huge gap between the number of available jobs and the number of qualified employees! The field of math is a very useful subject for many businesses. From teaching to accounting and finance, holding a master’s in mathematics can be a huge difference in where you’ll be able to work.

Whether you choose to pursue a specific field like statistics or couple your accomplishments with a teaching degree, the sky really is the limit for those who pursue degrees in the world of math.

These four degrees – whether you choose to pursue a master’s or simply a bachelor’s – are hot right now and provide plenty of career path opportunities. Rather than chaining yourself to one specific career for the rest of your life, consider pursuing one of these, earn a great living and have as many doors open as possible at the same time!