Online Cannabis industry courses


World University online courses can be a valuable resource for learning about the cannabis industry, offering a range of courses covering various aspects of this rapidly growing field. Here are some potential courses you will find:

  • Introduction to Cannabis Studies: This course could provide a broad overview of the cannabis industry, covering its history, legal status, cultural significance, and economic impact.
  • Cannabis Cultivation and Production: For those interested in the agricultural side of the industry, courses on cultivation and production could cover topics such as growing techniques, harvesting, processing, and quality control.
  • Cannabis Business and Entrepreneurship: This type of course might focus on the business aspects of the cannabis industry, including regulations, marketing, financing, and strategic planning for cannabis startups or existing businesses.
  • Cannabis Medicine and Health: With the increasing acceptance of cannabis as a medicinal plant, courses in this area could explore its therapeutic uses, pharmacology, clinical research, patient care, and regulatory considerations.
  • Cannabis Law and Policy: Given the complex and evolving legal landscape surrounding cannabis, courses on law and policy could delve into issues such as legalization efforts, regulatory frameworks, compliance, intellectual property, and ethical considerations.

These courses can provide a solid foundation for understanding the multifaceted nature of the cannabis industry, whether you’re interested in pursuing a career in cannabis cultivation, starting a cannabis-related business, exploring its medicinal properties, or simply staying informed about this rapidly evolving field.

Courses are free to complete. Once completed you have the option of purchasing a printable World University Certificate