Reliable free web hosting services for students projects and teachers


School and college students get their assignments frequently that must be hosted on an online platform. Although some schools managed to offer such facilities to their students, there is also a lot of students who do not get such perks.

The students, especially the computer sciences, requires web hosting solution for assignments and final year projects. So if you don’t want to invest your fun money in paying the hosting fees, luckily, there are free services that let the students host their projects. Teachers can also make use of these free services to embrace online learning methods.

There are plenty of options to host student’s projects; however, below are some of the good options.

Reliable Free Web Hosting Services for Students Projects and Teachers

  1. Byet.Host

Byet.Host offers both free and paid hosting account. They provide a completely similar environment that a user gets with any paid web hosting account. And what’s more impressive it’s ad-free hosting.

Talking about free plan specs, it offers generous 5GB storage, unlimited monthly data transfer, unlimited MySQL databases, and choice of PHP version. You will get almost every feature that is associated with premium web hosting plans. They also provide a free subdomain.

After the signup process, which is pretty straightforward, you will be given a Vistapanel similar to cPanel (the most common and powerful control panel). The included control panel houses all the necessary features like databases, file manager, FPT account, backups, and more.

With this free control panel, you will also get an Auto Application Installer that provides access to a huge application library, including WordPress, Joomla, Prestashop, and more. Due to the provision of file manager access, you will be able to test your changes in themes, robots.txt, or any other file. There is no restriction on the use of WordPress plugins. Keep in mind; you will experience some downtimes while using their free hosting still; it is pretty usable.

Although they offer feature-rich free hosting, but what about the technology and quality. Byet.Host free services consist of 24 core Xeon based web server, load balancers, and SAN storage system. An SSD hosting gives a significant speed advantage over traditional HDD; however, this is what you usually won’t get from a free webserver provider. So, to get fast loading times, you need to optimize your hosting properly. For technical help, you can avail of a ticketing system even as a free user.

When you think you should go for a paid hosting plan, Byet.Host does offer paid plans but pricey than the completion. As their free hosting provides you full access to your website files, you can migrate your project anytime to another web host.


  • Sufficient 5GB storage
  • Ads Free hosting services
  • Free for lifetime
  • Vistapanel with one-click app installer
  • Access to file manager, PhpMyAdmin, and FTP accounts


  • Database connection errors (downtimes)
  • Subdomain contain number
  1. 000webhost

000webhost is another great option for students and teachers. It is backed by one of the impressive web host known as Hostinger. Being backed by such a huge company, you can have peace in mind that you are operating in a safe environment.

After creating an account, their step-by-step process leads you to set up a site. The user will choose between website builder, install WordPress, or even upload your site. Indeed, with the WordPress option, you can do more.

The installed WordPress provides full access to all the features like paid hosting. They offer a pretty stable server with good uptime (99%). Furthermore, the use of CloudLinux enables the company to offer better isolation and stability in a shared server.

With a free plan, you will get only 300MB storage and 1GB bandwidth, which is pretty limited compared to the above-mentioned free web host.

For managing hosting features, 000webhost provides a free custom control panel. It is simple to use; however, it does not offer much functionality as you get from free Vistapanel. The control panel includes functionalities like file manager, redirects, phpMyAdmin, and Cron Jobs, etc. Furthermore, they only provide a WordPress installer, while Vistapanel gives access to a vast library of apps via the included app installer.

On the other hand, when you want to upgrade to a premium plan for more bandwidth, storage, and optimized services, they support seamless migration to the Hostinger plan, which offers amazingly low price services with incredible quality. From a free web host, you shouldn’t expect much in terms of support. A free user can make use of the support forum.


  • As a free host, they offer pretty good uptime and speed
  • Powered by renowned UK based company (Hostinger) so you can trust on them
  • Easy auto WordPress install
  • Minimalist control panel interface
  • They don’t display any ads. Many free web hosts show ads on free hosting websites, which not slow down the website but also distracting


  • Tight storage and bandwidth cap
  • Support can be available only through a forum
  • Limited control panel functionalities
  1. SiteGround

SiteGround is one of the most premium quality hosting providers in the industry. When searching for performance, security, and support, you can count on them.

So what makes them stand in this list? SiteGround lets you make use of the reliability of cutting edge hardware without any cost. The best part the company will take care of the security, and if any students’ accounts got compromised, they would take care of it with their highly responsive support team.

Unlike most free web hosts, SiteGround offers free 10GB SSD storage, 10K monthly visits, and even a free SSL certificate. There is also a free subdomain that ends up with You will be accompanied by a CDN caching solution.

Just like their paid hosting, there is no deficiency of features such as MySQL, PHP, FTP, and SSH access. Unlike the web hosts mentioned earlier, here, the user can create free email accounts. For easy setup process, SiteGround offers 1-click WordPress and Joomla installation.

SiteGround free student plan is more like for teachers who want to adopt online learning methods. So, unlike the above hosts getting a free account is not that straightforward here. You have to request them by providing the details like University name, course name, number of students as well as the start and end date. This means you have to tell them when your online project will end.

With free hosting, the company also provides a free learning management system. The LMS enables educators for easy administration, tracking, documentation, and deliver training programs. Thus, it’s undoubtedly a worthy feature.

Although it’s a free plan, this generous company offers 24/7 support services. So, the teacher can ask for help using Phone, Live Chat, and Tickets whenever they need any assistance.


  • Plenty of storage and bandwidth
  • SSD web space and CDN caching solution
  • Great for online learning methods
  • 1-click installation for WordPress and Joomla
  • Free subdomain and SSL certificate
  • 24/7 support via Live Chat, Phone, and Tickets


  • Mainly focused on the teachers
  • Not for the lifetime, you have to tell them the end date
  1. AccuWeb Hosting

When it comes to free hosting, usually people are concerned about its trustworthiness; that is why we have mentioned down free but reliable services for students. AccuWeb Hosting has more than 17 well-spent years and is a pretty trusted name.

It is a giant company that offers every type of web hosting services as well as domain registration services. There are two plans to get their free hosting (i) Free WordPress Hosting (ii) Free Hosting for Students. Both plans offer the same specs.

Talking about its free WordPress services, you will get free lifetime access to 2GB SSD storage, 30GB bandwidth, and 10 MySQL databases. The most noteworthy part that, unlike the competitors, the company clearly defines hardware limits such as RAM and processors.

The free account includes 25 email account, probably more than some other paid hosting providers. To manage the features, you will get the popular cPanel.

With free hosting, what most companies are doing that they offer old technologies based free plan, which means slow speed services. On the other hand, AccuWeb provides the latest PHP and Hyper Caching plugin. There will be no popups or banners to distract you.

Another worth looking feature of their free web server plan is solid security. Their multi-layer DDos protection and complementary backup are there to provide you peace of mind environment.

Here is a downside that first, you need to apply for a free plan. It means they offer a free web server plan to limited users depending on the region.


  • Ample bandwidth and SSD storage
  • cPanel that supports easy management
  • An isolated environment with specified RAM and CPU resources
  • Good security measures
  • No advertisement
  • Loose storage and bandwidth limits mean you don’t have to worry about to save the resources for your professor to evaluate the project


  • You need to apply for the free plan and then wait for their team to review it. Moreover, they offer limited accounts as per the region. And they may have put some requirements such as their social profiles or even creating a video.


Any of the above-mentioned web hosts provide an excellent opportunity to test your skills and prepare your assignments. Byet.Host is a good choice for students that gives free accounts almost instantly and offers plentiful resources. On the other hand, SiteGround is the perfect approach for teachers, which comes with free LMS.