School phone bans seem obvious but could make it harder for kids to use tech in healthy ways


School phone bans may seem like the answer to reeling in young people’s technology use.

But if we ban phones and bury this issue under the sand, when and how do our kids learn to have a healthy relationship with technology in a world becoming more tech-focused by the day?

Existing bans in Australian schools

School mobile phone bans have experienced a domino effect throughout Australia. Most jurisdictions now have full or partial bans.

Victoria has banned mobile phones in both primary and secondary schools since term 1 of 2020Western Australia and Tasmania have similar “off and away all day” policies.

South Australia is transitioning to a ban in all public high schools by term 3 of 2023. New South Wales will ban them in public high school schools in October, as part of a flagship election policy from the incoming Minns government.

Earlier this month, Queensland said it was looking at the issue as well.