Steering through unique paths – Uncommon driving careers


Imagine driving heavily-loaded trucks, not on well-demarcated highways but on frozen lakes and rivers. Sounds like a scene straight out of an action-packed blockbuster? Well, welcome to the life of an Ice Road Trucker! These daring professionals conquer unforgiving terrains in remote northern regions, such as Alaska and Canada–where (more often than not) access to conventional roads is a luxury confined to dreams. Their massive trucks turn frozen waterways into lifelines during the harsh winter months–hauling supplies to isolated communities that would otherwise be unreachable. It’s not a job for the faint-hearted, but for those who crave a challenge.

Animal Transport Drivers

Picture this – an exotic menagerie at your local zoo; beautiful creatures that traveled from the far corners of the globe, right into your city. Ever posed the question – how do they get here? Well, the unexpected heroes of this plot – the Animal Transport Drivers – deserve a standing ovation. With the responsibility of hauling livestock, exotic pets, or your fuzzy in-house friends, these pros make sure the furry or scaly package arrives intact at the drop-off. Depending on the journey and the precious cargo, they could hop into smaller, agile vehicles like compact sedans or SUVs – articulate movers for minor or efficiency-maximizing transportation tasks. 

The Sweeping Machine Operator

You wake up, step outside and voila! The streets look as clean as a whistle. Like magic dust was scattered everywhere. But instead of magic wands, picture a skillful Sweeping Machine Operator behind the wheel. With bulky street sweepers or industrial vacuum trucks as their trusted allies, these drivers take on the task of tidying your cityscape, one paved surface at a time. It’s a demanding grind, but the upside is a street clean enough to eat off!

Mobile Home Transporter

Mobile Home Transporters: an under-the-radar lot that does much more than their job title alludes to. They’re not just shifting homes, but creating sanctuaries for people in a different postcode. The task requires beefy machinery and permits, given the enormous size and weight of these homes. So, if relocating your mobile home is in the cards–remember it’s not just bricks and mortar on wheels–it’s packs a whole lot of memories and comfortable living–all transported reliably and efficiently thanks to these expert drivers.

The Pilot Car Driver

Whenever you spot an oversized vehicle or a truck carrying large cargo on a highway, chances are a Pilot Car Driver isn’t far off. These unsung heroes of the road bear the significant responsibility of escorting larger vehicles, ensuring they safely traverse the highway. Acting as the eyes and ears of these giant vehicles, they alert other road users and navigate safe passage for the larger transport. Not your regular day’s drive, but for those who thrive on adrenaline and responsibility, this can be a thrillingly rewarding career.

While the world of professional driving may typically bring to mind taxi drivers, bus drivers or truckers, it actually is a magnificent tapestry of unique and challenging careers. So–for those who find solace and thrill behind the wheel and yearn for paths less trodden, these less common careers might just be your calling.