How technology is changing the medical field



The use of technology within the medical field has been growing for years. The advent of portable devices has changed the way doctors, nurses, and health care workers perform their duties.

Stanford’s School of Medicine realized the difference one of these devices could make and lent iPads to new students last year. While many of the students stopped using their iPads after a few weeks many conveyed that they did like using the iPads, but only for certain subjects.

Medical students enjoyed using the tablet for their anatomy course as it allowed them to draw and make notations easily.

Step into any hospital and you’re likely to see that medical records are now electronic and portable. The switch to electronic records is nothing new and solved issues with illegible handwriting as well as providing easier access to records.

The usefulness of these devices in medical programs is undeniable. Students involved in internships and residencies can watch video tutorials, pull up “cheat sheets” and find vital information with a portable electronic device. This doesn’t mean they are not already trained, but think about how much easier it would be to have the information you need right at your fingertips.

Students involved in distance learning can easily get ahead of the game as they often become knowledgeable in computers and other forms of technology throughout their studies. Online degree programs may also be more likely to use various forms of technology including video conferencing, virtual worlds and possibly medical software.