Temporary classrooms for 2022 – promoting space in schools


Schools need more space in 2022 than ever before. With the growing worry of the spread of the COVID-19 virus, schools and learning centers are required to practice social distance while continuing with their school programs. Initially, some countries asked schools to have a mixed learning module where some students would be at school while others are learning at home. But now, all schools’ programs must need to resume.

As such, there is a need for more space in schools. Temporary classrooms, alongside other temporary education buildings, are the ideal solution because they have numerous benefits. If you are a school owner or administrator, here is what you need to know about the temporary classrooms.

What Are Temporary Classrooms?

As the name suggests, these are classrooms made of temporary materials such as prefabricated steel frames, modular panels, fabric, or even converted shipping containers. They are usually portable so that they can be set up where needed within a short time.

Even though most temporary classrooms are bought when ready, a school can buy bespoke designs that are made to their preference. These are ideal for schools with limited space or those that require maintaining some themes.

Why Are Temporary Classrooms Best for Schools?

Ultimately, temporary classrooms come with numerous benefits. If you are contemplating using them for your school, the advantages discussed below will convince you;

  • They are affordable – The affordability of temporary structures of any kind is the biggest benefit. Temporary education structures of any materials are more affordable than brick and mortar structures. According to experts, you could save 30-40% of the construction cost and also enjoy the benefits of faster construction.
  • They are fast to install – We already mentioned the need for more space to promote social distance. Because of this, some of the needs are urgent. The temporary classrooms provide a quick space solution whenever it is needed. They can also be used during emergencies such as fires and when there is a surge in students’ intake.
  • Safety – Temporary classrooms are safe to use because they use approved materials and design. Smart-Space, a UK-based temporary solutions provider, leads in the provision of safe temporary classrooms, that are also affordable and quick to install. If you are looking to meet the building regulations in your school, these are the best structures to use.
  • They are eco-friendly – You should use temporary classrooms because they are environmentally friendly. So, if you are passionate about saving the environment and lead as an example to students, portable classrooms are made of recycled materials. You will also have no problem with the authorities who regulate the environment.
  • They are customizable – Schools need structures that can be customized to fit their needs. Temporary classrooms fit this perfectly. As mentioned, they can be designed to fit the available space and design of your choice. This includes the color of your school and a logo can be printed as well.
  • They are flexible and versatile – If you are looking for classrooms that can be converted into other spaces, then consider temporary classrooms. The most important thing is to have classrooms with panels that can be interconnected to make larger or smaller cubicles.

How to Buy or Hire Temporary Classrooms

It is simple: you need to use the best service provider. If you need the classrooms for a short time, the best option is to rent for a certain period. These companies deliver them to your site and come for them when the lease period is over. You can also buy them, especially when you need them for a longer time.

Final Words

Temporary classrooms are the ideal space solutions for schools in 2022. There are all good reasons to convince you. So, the insights above will help you make the right decisions to take your school to the next level. Likewise, you may consider other temporary education structures such as halls and offices. They have similar benefits.