The hidden ways College can make you feel uneasy


College is an incredibly exciting time, during this period you are not only making an investment in your educational growth, but your personal growth as well. With growth, however, comes growing pains. Sometimes all the excitement can overshadow some of the ways that the college experience can give you pause. Instead of ignoring, or dwelling on, these factors, face them head on and realize that first, they are a natural part of the process, and second, they are not something to dedicate so much energy to that they totally derail your plans. 

The Financial Burden

Even if you are aware of the high cost of college, when you fully understand what that means in terms of your burden to cover those costs, it can be overwhelming. Especially if you follow a traditional route of going straight from high school to undergrad, knowing exactly how you are going to ever come up with, let alone repay, tens of thousands of dollars, is enough to make most people run the other way. Instead of doing that though, start from the inside out, break down these costs, and think about all the ways that you can generate the funds to cover them. 

Some students are fortunate that family helps, or pays entirely, while others look exclusively to loans. But did you know there is a third option? Scholarships. You can find college scholarships faster and start applying for scholarships quickly by using a free scholarship search and application platform. For example, Going Merry scholarships offers you the chance to view hundreds of opportunities all in one place. You will be relived to discover that a substantial amount of the cost of college can be covered with money that you do not have to front or pay back. 

The Social Aspect

Making new friends as an adult is wildly different than it was when you were a child. If you are attending college away from home, and without anyone from your existing network, it is normal to feel anxiety about what your social life will look like. Take advantage of every on-campus opportunity to meet people that is offered to you. There are clubs, study groups, and even the student gym can be a great place to find camaraderie. The best part is, that with such a large pool of people, you can find other students that share your same likes and hobbies quite easily. 

Uncomfortable Subject Matter

You are going to college to expand your mind, and professors and other students are going to contribute to those efforts. With more academic leniency than most high school teachers have, college professors often design their coursework with personal growth and social awareness in mind. This can lead to you being exposed to some subject matter that is unsettling, however. Know that unpleasant emotions are normal and also expected and welcomed in academia. Take these opportunities to ask questions and increase your social tolerances in a safe environment. This increased exposure can help prepare you for life post-graduation as well since it is fair to expect that your career path will lead you towards an environment of diversity and inclusion.