What are some marketing strategies for my small business?


When you operate a small business, allocating money for marketing and development is a challenge. Although we all understand that marketing is essential for business growth, trying to create an effective marketing program without breaking the bank is why many businesses delay this all-too-important task. However, there are multiple marketing strategies for small business that won’t cost you a penny – and some that are more affordable than you’d think.

In the information below, we’ll provide you with seven important marketing strategies that every small business should embrace. As a general business practice, it could be useful to purchase business insurance, find out more.

Branding and Logo Creation

If you’re going to start a small business, it’s important to begin with a strong brand identity. This usually starts with creating an eye popping or memorable logo. Every piece of marketing material, your social media pages, websites, or advertising page will showcase a logo that should stand top of mind you’re your potential customers.

There are multiple, exceptional logo creation and branding experts available through freelancing websites like Upwork.com and more, that charge lower than agencies to produce logos that fit your style, culture, and grab the attention of your target audience.

Use Social Media

The key to marketing is understanding what your consumers are looking for; regardless of the type of business, service, or product you sell. Gaining insights and direct feedback from your current or potential customers can help a smaller business grow their brand and services to suit their needs. To that effort, using social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are exceptional platforms that are first and foremost – free to use, and second, offer the small business a highly effective marketing strategies that can directly impact their business growth.

Have a Great Website

Most consumers find businesses through the internet and search engines. While there are several
marketing strategies we’ll outline below, that help customers find you, eventually they will land on your website. A website is the roadmap that explains to potential customers who you are, what you do, and how you can help them. However, there is a lot of confusion about what makes a great website. Simply put, there are three items that any good website should possess.

First, it must be Adaptive and Responsive to multiple devices. This means that the site is built to be displayed on all devices including desktop, laptop, mobile devices and tablets. Second, the site needs to be clean, neat and straight. Essentially, this means the site should be very easy for all users to navigate, with simple tabs that easily guide site visitors. Third, the site should be filled with high-quality content.
We’ll explain more below about the power of content development for websites.

Understand SEO

Search Engine Optimization is a technique used by online marketers to fill their website with content that attracts the attention of search engine mathematical algorithms. Basic SEO includes using popular words or ‘search keywords’ or keyword phrases that customers in your segment type into Google or other search engines to find products or services they are looking to purchase. These words are included in the written content, titles, and meta descriptions of each page, that are then indexed by search engines and helps to rank the page – based on the quality of content and SEO optimization.

The point is to use this technique to have your website or pages on your website listed near the top of search engine result pages, making it easier for people to find you. There are multiple instructional videos on SEO and how to write content, set up your website, and optimize the pages for better search engine results.

Email Marketing

Connecting with your customers or sales leads through email marketing is another effective marketing technique for small businesses. When you collect customers emails or that of sales leads, you can send them updates on new products, services, or provide educational information about your industry. Keeping your customers informed is a smart way to build business, especially repeat customers.

Google My Business

This is a free service offered by Google that permits businesses of any size to list their website, contact information, and details about their business. The pages are shared with local site visitors and allows them to connect directly with you. This platform can also be used to have previous customers post reviews, which helps to develop a positive business reputation.

Sponsor a Local Sports Team

Small businesses will gain a lot of their business from the local community. Being socially responsible and engaged with the community is a great way to support your city and introduce your business directly to local customers. Additionally, when you sponsor the local sports team, social club, or community event, your logo and brand will be displayed in multiple locations and frequently throughout the year.

Just because your business is small, doesn’t mean you should avoid spending time or a little money on marketing. In fact, this is the prime opportunity to engage in these marketing strategies for small businesses. By spending a little time learning or hiring some experts to do it correct, you’ll maximize your marketing dollar and receive a higher return on investment.