When should my daughter first go to the Gynecologist?


One of the questions many parents to girls ask is whether their daughters should go to the gynecologist and its reason. The notion is because many people see gynecology visits as invasive. Visiting the gynecologist is more than just having a pelvic exam. Knowing when your daughter should see a gynecologist will help you plan it out as you plan for her medical checkup.

What is the appropriate age to start gynecological visits?

The right age for you to take your daughter to a gynecologist is when they reach puberty. Many doctors recommended the ages of 13-15. Taking them at that stage is vital because they have just started getting into puberty, which changes their bodies. Many times you will realize that they have questions that they are too shy to ask you. Leaving them with specialists in gynaecology will help them open up and raise any concerns they might have about their bodies. The pelvic exam will not come until later on when your daughter is especially active, so that is not something you have to worry about at the start.

Reasons why your daughter should see a gynecologist

The one thing many people ask after is why their daughter should visit a gynecologist. There are several reasons, and knowing about them will ensure that you make an informed and good decision for your child. Here is what you should expect the doctor to talk to your daughter about.

Menstrual cycle and what to expect

Even though you might have the conversation on menstrual cycles with your daughter, hearing about it from a doctor is better. The gynecologist will explain why they need to track their cycle, stay clean when menstruating, and use the different feminine products. They can also answer any questions related to the menstrual cycle.

Talk about what is “normal”

One of the things we can all agree on is, there is a lot about our bodies that we do not know about. As such, we struggle trying to figure out what is normal and what is not. Having a doctor all these questions about discharge, body changes, and any other question related to puberty will help. That way, your child will not have to worry that they might be sick when in actual sense, their body is acting as it should.

Give the HPV vaccine

Cervical cancer has been a disease that has plagued women for such a long time. Luckily, there are now vaccines to help combat that. It is recommended to give it to girls who are not yet sexually active as it is most effective. You can talk to your gynecologist about this and whether they would recommend it for your daughter.

Scheduling a visit to the gynecologist should not be something you dread. It will ensure that your daughter stays healthy and knows about the changes in her body. Talk to her about it, then gets a gynecologist she can trust since comfort is key with such visits.