25 interesting facts about a cooking career


A cooking career can be an exciting path to take for those who have a passion for it. There are many locations and businesses that need cooks that have skills. There are plenty of interesting aspects of it that are not known to everyone and a culinary career may be more fun than you think.

1. You can get your start as a server or an understudy to the chef and work your way up to chef.

2. Catering a good starting point to get your feet wet and learns the trade at your own pace.

3. Being a food critic can give you the on-the-job training to transition to the chef position.

4. Your culinary skills can help you get into a management position down the line and get you into a leadership role.

5. If teaching is your passion, your culinary job can lead you to teaching your craft at a culinary school.

6. Chefs often work with other chefs to create recipes and meal plans.

7. You may have the responsibility of making sure the food is properly stored and handled.

8. Customer service plays a role in your career and you will have to learn how to satisfy your patrons.

9. There is a significant disparity between the best chef’s pay and those who are just getting started.

10. The geographic location you work in will play a big role in how much you make.

11. There are several types of chefs like bakers, fry chefs, and vegetable chefs.

12. The different types of food you will come in contact with can be harmful for those with allergies.

13. Many chefs get free meals from the restaurant and their families may be able to eat free as well.

14. You may have to work long hours and be on your feet for extended periods of time.

15. Being an effective communicator and speaker are necessary skills to have.

16. Culinary arts have been a career path in the U.S. since the 19th century.

17. Other skills, like learning about wine and how to properly set a table, are a part of becoming a chef.

18. You should be able to make the food look good, not just taste good.

19. Holliday and weekends are often times that chefs have to come into work.

20. Cooks and chefs have a growing career field, with demand that is growing.

21. Over 100 million American will eat-out on any given day and cooks need to be there to feed them.

22. Personal chef positions in private households are a growing market and can really pay-off.

23. Many cooks get into the industry working part-time to start and need to have perseverance, in order to stand the test of time.

24. In many larger establishments, the cooks and chefs are members of International unions that help them negotiate their wages and benefits as a group.

25. The higher the chef position you hold, the job duties you have, including making sure food is delivered and menu planning.

The culinary career future outlook is one that has good opportunities for growth and advancement. It will require hard work and dedication to the job in order to move up and get where you want to go. Once there, it can be a very rewarding and satisfying career to have.