Get woke, go broke…leftist School loses most of its students


When a school, or any organization, gets taken over by Leftist lunacy, it is called “convergence,” where all thought now is focused into their belief system. Their own word for this is “woke,” in other words they are now awake to the “fact” that everything is RACIST, that gender politics is everything, that, quite literally, no further action can be taken by the organization except political acts in support of the ideology.

“Get woke, go broke,” has been the catchphrase to describe how this works out in the commercial world. Comics have been converged for some time, and major companies like DC and Marvel have seen their sales plummet. Similarly, watching the latest converged Star Wars movies gives plenty of insight into why the value of that intellectual property has dropped off so sharply. Or perhaps I could mention how things are working out for the NFL?

Getting back to higher ed, we’ve seen the same effect, as converged schools consistently experience a sharp drop-off in enrollments. It’s a curious thing, as time and again the followers of this ideology scream at us how what they want is obviously a great thing…but human beings consistently say they aren’t interested in the ideology, not in comics, not in movies, not in sports…and not in education.

Evergreen College is particularly “woke,” to the point that they have regular anti-white hate indoctrination/seminars. There was an estimate a few months ago about how many new students were interested in this converged school, but the semester’s started, so let’s see how the estimate matches reality:

Get Woke, Go Broke: Evergreen State College Is Down To 300 New Enrollments

“300 new enrollments” is a statistic in a vacuum. The old estimate was a 20 percent drop in enrollment. How does that compare to reality?

“This fall, we expect less than 300 freshmen to attend Evergreen, a fifty percent drop from two years ago,” one Evergreen professor admitted on the site, Heterodox Academy. “

Much like with government numbers rarely coming close to reality, Evergreen’s administration were clearly faking a reality which should have been quite easy to predict before the semester started.

They lost half their students!

I feel the need to highlight the madness here: this school has over 550 administrators; I openly defy the reader to identify any legitimate business which has more managers than new customers per year, particularly a business where very few customers continue to be so longer than a handful of years. Total attendance at this whole school will be around 2800 this year. I concede Evergreen might be a little top-heavy, but I assure the gentle reader many schools have far, far, too many admin in relation to the student base. Every attempt to address this problem so far has involved removing faculty and cutting faculty pay, and some schools are now considering cutting faculty pay to zero in an attempt to free up ever more money for administrative “leadership.”

The fact that this leadership is, much like at Evergreen, primarily responsible for the immense decay of our higher education system has so far done nothing to impede their growth…even as these leaders impede the growth of the student base.

Editors note: A representative for The Evergreen State college has reached out with an update on anticipated enrollments. They expect around 350 freshmen to attend in the fall. Also, they expect 3000- 3100 total full-time enrolled students in 2018 (out of the 4,200 they are funded for). While both of these numbers do represent significant decreases as compared to before the 2017 unrest, they are marginally less bleak than Dr. Paros’ estimates, which were based on earlier information. These are still just estimates, however. The official enrollments for Fall 2018 will not be determined until after the 10th day of enrollment.

I politely note that I don’t have precise numbers and getting those numbers will likely be problematic but…there is no way to look at the “estimates” given above and not understand how the leadership there has failed.

Any repercussions for them? If I lost half my class, admin would come down hard on me, making me take the blame for it even if it’s admin’s fault they lowered entrance standards to a ridiculous level. Admin failed here, so surely they’ll take the blame?


An “independent” External Review Panel exonerated the president and administrators while blaming Evergreen’s woes on Bret Weinstein and ‘alt-right’ agitators…

Evergreen had a day on campus where white people were asked to not show up (under strongly implied penalty of physical harm). Bret Weinstein, very liberal and generally supportive of identity politics, dared to say “hey, forbidding white people to come to campus is racist.” Naturally, the leadership there simply removed him from campus rather than consider any challenge to their ideology.

No, Bret Weinstein is not responsible for the failure of Evergreen, any more than alleged “alt-right” agitators.

The “independent” was in quotes in my above quote because it’s well known all panels and committees are completely subject to the whims of admin…it’s why they never take responsibility for any of their mistakes. Any such responsibility would first need to be assigned by a committee…and admin controls those.

Another short post as I try to recover from what I hope is the worst of over half a dozen (at least) surgeries over the last 33 years for what every doctor claims is the “most curable” cancer around but one last comment:

I make the following predictions: the failure at Evergreen will simply be repeated at other campuses. Any primary admin who leave Evergreen (under whatever circumstances) will land another plum position in higher ed.