How to successfully start your medical assistant journey


Embarking on a career path as a Medical Assistant is a highly rewarding career opportunity. However, some individuals may be unsure where to start. Here, we will cover the most frequently asked questions about becoming a Medical Assistant and how to successfully begin your journey today. 

What Are the Job Responsibilities and Duties of a Medical Assistant?

Medical Assistants are sometimes referred to as Clinical Assistants or Healthcare Assistants, and they have a myriad of job responsibilities. For example, they are an integral part of the healthcare system and partner alongside medical professionals, including physicians and nurses, to successfully complete healthcare tasks and procedures. In addition, Medical Assistants also perform other duties, much of which are managerial and include scheduling appointments, answering calls, keeping thorough patient records, filling out any necessary forms, and carefully providing patient guidance. They also take care of billing procedures, bookkeeping duties, admission procedures, and any laboratory investigations. 

It is worth noting that the job responsibilities of a Medical Assistant may vary slightly according to region. More specifically, some Medical Assistants may also be expected to collect the patient’s history, prepare them for examinations, tell them about any medication and treatment procedures, closely monitor their vital signs, and assist doctors, nurses, or other medical professionals during an examination.  However, some of these duties do not begin until a Medical Assistant has successfully passed certain courses and training.

Importantly, Medical Assistants play an incredible role in interacting with patients, fielding questions, and helping them remain comfortable and calm. Although being a Medical Assistant may be demanding and stressful at times, it is a highly rewarding career path in which individuals may utilize interpersonal skills, empathy, resilience, and a positive yet professional demeanor. 

What Do I Need to Do in Order to Become a Medical Assistant?

There are certain requirements to becoming a Medical Assistant, including graduating from a college or online program, as well as completing on-the-job training at a medical facility. 

For example, Genesis Career College has locations in multiple states, and if you are looking for a Medical Assistant School in Tennessee, then you might choose this school to embark on your journey to becoming a Medical Assistant. When you enroll at Genesis Career College, you can earn your diploma when you complete three-quarters of school and externship. When you partner alongside other medical professionals and have the chance to interact with patients on a daily basis, greater confidence and communication skills are formed. Completing the Genesis Career College Medical Assistant Program and receiving your Medical Assistant Diploma will assist you when you go to take the National Certified Medical Assistant Certification Exam, ensuring that you have a well-rounded knowledge of your field. 

What Can I Expect to Learn While Getting My Medical Assistant Degree?

Throughout the course of working toward your Medical Assistant Degree, you may expect to encounter the following subjects and areas of training: patient management, monitoring and recording vitals, medical terminology, phlebotomy procedures, EKGs, emergency medicine, wound management, administering injections, examination procedures and rules, and computerized medical practice management. Furthermore, the types of classes you will take include physiology, anatomy, pharmacology, and courses regarding health insurance. Essentially, obtaining a Medical Assistant Degree will prepare and equip you with everything you need to know to become an effective Medical Assistant and make a difference in your community. 

What is My Career Path Trajectory as a Medical Assistant?

When examined alongside other medical and healthcare-related professions, this growth rate is far above average. In essence, several factors have been attributed to this rapid growth rate. These factors include the presence of The Affordable Care Act and a rise in the baby boomer population, with more individuals than ever having better access to healthcare services. In turn, this has contributed to a rise in the patient inflow in medical facilities and hospitals, creating a lucrative job market for Medical Assistants.

 What Will I Earn as a Medical Assistant?

In October 2021, the Bureau of Labor Statistics puts the median annual salary for Medical Assistants within the United States of America at approximately $35,850. While this may understandably fluctuate from state to state, or vary according to the specific employer, there is a growing need for Medical Assistants. Medical Assistants may be employed by hospitals and serve in emergency rooms, work for doctor’s offices, or even assist in private healthcare practices. Obtaining a Medical Assistant Diploma offers individuals a myriad of job opportunities in which they can carve out a successful career path. 

Key Takeaway

The medical field is experiencing an increased demand for Medical Assistants, which may be employed by hospitals, doctor’s offices, or private healthcare practices. This career path has an incredible growth rate and offers individuals the rewarding experience of serving others and their communities. Obtaining a Medical Assistant Degree from Genesis Career College can help equip you for success, putting you well on your way to starting your new career path and becoming a Medical Assistant.