Top ways to find tutoring jobs


Tutoring can be a great source of extra income while going through your own schooling or just to help support you financially. It can even be a full-time income, if you want it to be. You will need to meet some basic requirements, but once you have met those requirements, you can start tutoring immediately.

There are several ways to find good tutoring jobs, both online and in the classroom. Here are some of the top options.

College Message Boards

Many of the college message boards found across campuses will have ads in need of tutors. These boards are a great place to start.

College Newspaper

If the college or university has a newspaper, tutoring companies will often advertise their need for qualified tutors. It’s also possible to find students advertising their need for tutors within the newspaper.


You can give your business card to the professors on campus teaching the subjects you want to tutor. If they know of students in need of help, they can recommend the student contact you for tutoring.


By placing an ad on Craigslist, you will be able to find students in need of tutors. They may not all be college students, however, as many K-12 students also need help. However, this can be a good source for finding students in need of your services.

Post Your Own Flyers

Just as college message boards may have companies looking to hire you as a tutor, you can post your own flyer in search of those looking for a tutor. You can also post flyers at bus stops, in libraries, in bookstores and even at the local coffee shop.

Online Websites

If you’re willing to work online as a tutor, you can get hired by one of many different websites. You have the option of using an online tutoring website or a freelance website to find the jobs you want to be hired for. Some of the best sites to joint include:


There are several others you can join, as well.

How Much Can You Make as a Tutor?

The amount of money you can make as a tutor depends on the subject you will teach and your expertise in that subject. A fourth-year medical student can make more tutoring than someone just helping with basic math. The rate you earn will depend on the subject matter, the company you work for and what the student is willing to pay. You may be able to make more by tutoring in person or doing it freelance instead of through a company hiring you.

Often, tutors are paid by the hour, so the more you work, the more you will earn. However, the hours can also be very flexibly, which works great for those in school or looking to supplement their income.

Tutoring Requirements

Most tutors need to be able to show proficiency in the subject matter they plan to tutor. You will likely be required to have an educational background in the subject, but prior tutoring or teaching experience is usually not necessary. The qualifications can depend on how you go about finding tutoring jobs.

If you plan to tutor online, you will also need a computer with a stable, high-speed internet connection. For some companies, you will also need a webcam and potentially a headset with a microphone.

When will You Work?

Depending on the avenue you go about finding tutoring jobs, you will work on a schedule set by you and the student. If you do online tutoring, once you are hired, you can choose the times you will be available every week. This allows you to stay flexible and change your schedule, as necessary. Online tutoring can work out really well for those still in school or working a full-time job.

Those looking to become freelance tutors may need to work out the scheduling requirements with the students they work with. This will still allow you a decent amount of flexibility as you will have control over your schedule.

Whether you’re looking for tutoring jobs to help pay for school or you just need to supplement your income, there are plenty of choices. You can tutor on your college campus, at local schools in your area or even online.