City of Minneapolis offers vacant lots to community gardeners


Have you been wondering how you\’re ever going to cram three tomato plants into an apartment window box?

Then apply to lease one of the 12 vacant lots the City of Minneapolis is making available this season as part of the Homegrown Minneapolis initiative, designed to incorporate more sustainable agricultural practices into the community.

The lots have already been soil tested (no word on how things turned out … some parts of the city are not great in terms of lead, etc.) and are available on a first-come, first-served basis to qualifying groups. Experienced garden groups–defined as a not-for-profit group with a not-for-profit sponsor and the ability to qualify for liability insurance for the plot–will be eligible for three-to-five-year leases, while first-timers will have to start with one-year leases.

The city asks applicants to be prepared to discuss the layout they\’d propose for their community garden, as well as how it will be managed and how it will engage and benefit the community.