Daintree Buyback & Protect Forever Project



The Daintree is the heart and soul of the Wet Tropics. World Heritage parks do not protect all of this area, and much of the coastal lowland tropical rainforest from the Daintree River to Cape Tribulation remains unprotected.

With the road to Cape Tribulation now bituminised, settlement of the privately owned allotments within the Daintree is escalating, resulting in the on-going loss of habitat and forest connectivity. Between five to ten allotments are developed for rural residential housing every year.

The Daintree Buy Back and Protect Forever Project purchases properties of high conservation value surrounded by World Heritage rainforests. The acquisitions contribute to long term plans for Cassowary corridors in the Daintree.

Online: Make a tax-deductible donation or purchase a Daintree Gift Card online through our secure server.

Post or Fax: Complete the donation / order form and post or fax it with your credit card details or cheque/money order. Post it to Rainforest Rescue PO Box 1511 Toowong, Queensland Australia 4066 or fax us on 07 3870 8233.

Workplace Giving: You can arrange for your employer to direct part of you regular pay to Rainforest Rescue. They can pay this amount directly into the Rainforest Rescue Fund Account.

If you need assistance with establishing this process please email us. If you choose this option please let us know so we can send you your receipt.

Ongoing Giving: Ongoing Giving through a regular direct transfer of funds from your bank or credit union account to the Rainforest Rescue Fund Account is the most effective and efficient ways of supporting Rainforest Rescue and helping to save the Daintree. To join Rainforest Rescue’s ongoing giving program please print, complete and return Rainforest Rescue\’s Ongoing Giving Form or email us for further information.

Direct Deposit: regular or one off direct deposit into the Rainforest Rescue Fund Account can be made at any branch of the Commonwealth Bank of Australia or by internet banking. Email us for the account details.

If you make a one off direct deposit or wish to make a regular direct deposit please let us know by email or phone so we can send you your receipt.

Rainforest Rescue has purchased eleven properties so far, with another to be purchased shortly. These properties are managed, and their conservation values are protected forever.

Making Your Contribution