More details released on U.S prison in Guantanamo Bay, Courtesy of WikiLeaks


The Daily Telegraph was the first newspaper to release a new set of 700 WikiLeaks docs last Saturday, and once again, WikiLeaks\’ sources delivered substantial insight into American hegemony in the 21st century. This particular slew of files exposes some interesting new information on the Guantanamo detention facility.


Here\’s a roundup of the results:

»Roughly 29% of detainees have been described by the Pentagon as dangerous international terrorists. A plurality \”were lower level foot soldiers.\”

»20% of the detainees were innocent Afghan and Pakastani citizens, who U.S commanders concluded that in several cases there was \”no reason to transfer.\”

»There was no mention of torture or other controversial techniques in the release.

»Khalid Sheikh Mohammed\’s file explains that his plan was to make U.S citizens suffer to achieve the goal of changing U.S foreign policy (aggression). Naturally, in response to this, the U.S adds more aggression rather than addressing the region\’s very real grievances with U.S foreign policy.

»The age range of those imprisoned spanned from 14 years to 89 years of age. Several documents thoroughly describe the prisoners\’ illnesses, which include gout, tuberculosis, depression and hepatitis.

»Al Jazeera journalist, Sami al-Hajj, was held at Guantanamo for six years with the intent of interrogating him about Al Jazeera\’s network and news coverage in Chechnya, Kosovo and Afghanistan. The \”free press\” or \”freedom of speech\” wasn\’t mentioned.

»No new detainees have arrived at the prison since 2007, despite urging from Republican in Congress to add more terrorism suspects and increase the inmate population.

»Establishing Guantanamo as a prison (it was only given to the U.S as in the early 20th century with the pretense that it would be a naval base) required a special presidential order. This was because the \”enemy combatants\” were to be held there without a trial, thus radically violating the U.S Constitution and the Geneva Conventions\’ rules.