Education of the future. (The incredible Oculus Rift)


As you may have noticed, technologies are developing with a lightning speed right now. Twenty years ago we couldn’t even imagine that computers would have so many functions and accompany us every step we go. Here’s the story: nowadays every more or less well-off person has a tablet, a mobile device and a desktop computer or a laptop (or each of these). We are not kidding; computers have become an integral part of our daily activities.

Many people use computers just to have fun. To relax after a long day’s work and to play games, read the latest news, watch funny photos and videos or network with friends. Back to what we were saying, most gamers already know about Oculus Rift, the device which has been recently presented to them. If you don’t belong to the number of informed ones, we’ll take the pleasure of telling you about this futuristic appliance. Oculus Rift is a virtual reality head-mounted display. It allows players dive much deeper into the game. This happens because the device is worn right on your face and you can see only what is being displayed. With headphones and the Oculus on, you start to feel the game as if it is real. You can combine the Oculus with Razer Hydra controllers to get even more unique experience.


The device is not for everybody as apart from awesome gaming experience some people feel motion sick with the Oculus. What’s more, there are horror games that are too scary to play with this device. Some screamers which jump right into your face can be too disturbing for the players.


But make no mistake about it, Oculus isn’t just about games. It can be used in different branches of education, which need practical exercises (like surgery, car driving and various scientific fields for instance). Combined with other devices, the Oculus gives great opportunities for preparing people for serious and even dangerous work. It can be used as a simulator of hostilities to prepare soldiers.


But wait, it didn\’t stop there, the Oculus has two displays (for both of your eyes) and each display shows a separate image (just like in real life, each eye receives a slightly different image) which grants both the 3D effect and the effect of presence. So, Oculus offers you a world which you can compare with reality and notice almost no differences. That’s why Oculus can be used for different purposes. It can simulate any life matter and get you prepared if this happens in reality. Astonishing, isn’t it? This method of education is way more efficient than theoretical one. We predict the Oculus a big future. Very soon many educational programs will be developed for using in couple with it.

But that\’s not all… Far from it! Don’t you think that Oculus can make a real breakthrough in web design and development as well as user experience onsite? Just imagine: any designer will be able to create their own world, then polish it and bring to perfection. You will be able to create a website, then walk around it and view it as close or far as you wish. We believe that to be any designer’s dream to be able to interact with their brainchild as if it was real. Can you realize how impressive and inspiring such realistic journey to cyber space might be?

We don’t think that it would be an exaggeration to say that Oculus is the future’s all-purpose device. It can be used either for fun or educational purposes. In addition it’s our strong belief that Oculus will help designers create miraculous virtual worlds and let the users get a really unforgettable experience there.

Though, the work on the device isn’t finished yet, but you can already purchase the one if you’re a cranked futuristic devices fan and have enough money for your hobby on the Oculus developers’ site:

And please don’t forget to share your thoughts on this next generation device and possible spheres of its application. Do you think it can really become an education method of the future due to the ability of augmented environments creation? Or even replace some of them? Speak up! We will appreciate your comments.

Author’s Bio: Wyatt Welch is a freelance copywriter offering his stories to TemplateMonster when he has something interesting to tell. He is always in good humor for doing things and visiting places. He never parts with his electric guitar, playing which always helps him to tune to the inspirational mode.