Five common customer service mistakes and how to avoid making them



If you work in the service industry, you’ll know what’s it’s like to deal with customers, their demands and the hoped for positive relationship between you both. You are responsible for the satisfaction of your customers and your whole working approach should be towards making them your priority.

Consequently, you must make sure that the delivery of the product is both correct and perfect at every step. This will help you to get the best results and therefore, future recommendations.

Customer care is one of the most important sectors of the service industry, and you will know by now that if you don’t have a well-developed, efficient and flourishing customer care system, your company or business will not grow because dissatisfied customers won’t return and they won’t recommend.

Here are a few pointers that can help you to prevent making some of the more common mistakes while handling customer services, which might be especially useful if you are a student:

1. Know your Subject:
If you’re starting a new job or a new internship, then all the peers and seniors will teach you the importance of knowing your subject, and knowing it well and thoroughly. Only when you understand your part in the field can you stand apart or stand out from the crowd. Most importantly, being able to handle something authoritively will give you an upper hand. When you are dealing with your customers and their issues effectively, they will know that they are receiving the best solutions and will leave happy. Only when you know what you’re talking about can you offer the best possible answer to your customers problems.

2. Jot down the important questions:
Some service centers encourage their employees to write down any of the relatively complex questions or doubts their customers put to them. These can later be discussed with peers or seniors so a proper and a right solution can then be offered to the customer.
When doing this, you should make sure you tell your customers that you will get back to them with a suitable suggestion for their queries. Be sure to get back to them as soon as possible and not keep them waiting.

3. Gain more experience:
It is always better to learn as much as possible before heading out into the real world. Learn and gain experience by either working under someone or watching and observing when your seniors or peers are teaching you or lending some advice.

You could also use previous customer calls to train and become better at handling customers and their queries. Maybe even join as many internships as possible before trying to land a full-fledged job. The wide experience you gain can also help land you a better job.

4. Test management tools:
There are many Apps, online tools and workshops available today that can help to keep you from faltering when talking to a client and trying to help them out. TestLodge test case management tool is a good example you can turn to. If you need to find answers to real life problems like why something isn’t working or a link is broken, the online tool can help you to test the software with ease. Knowing how and where to find the answers will show you in a good light too.

5. Develop confidence and vocational skills:
The secret behind every successful customer service representative is confidence. This is the natural effect of being sure of what they are talking about and being able to express their thoughts in a precise and calm way. This helps to calm down the customers in return, which helps when you need to reason with them clearly and help them find a suitable solution to their problems.

If you are looking to progress in the Service Sector, the best way to do this is to know your stuff and believe in yourself. When you pick up the phone to talk to a customer, smile. Just that small gesture will be a great beginning to a fruitful customer-employer relationship.