GVN Foundation surpasses $1 million milestone!


New York, August 27, 2010 – Courtney Montague, Executive Director of The Global Volunteer Network Foundation (GVN Foundation) and 2009 NYU Catherine B Reynolds Fellow, has announced that GVN Foundation has raised $1.2 million for communities in need around the world since its inception in 2005.

Montague says that reaching the milestone has not been easy but it has been an incredibly insightful and rewarding journey.

“It’s been fun, amazing, stressful and profoundly meaningful over the last five years for me as GVN Foundation’s Executive Director. I went from running GVN Foundation in a spare room of my house to having a formal office, and an incredible team of people committed to social change,” says Montague.

GVN Foundation is 99% publically supported and since 2005 funds have gone towards helping women and children living in poverty across Africa, Asia, and South America.

GVN Foundation Highlights:
Uganda – funded the construction of a kitchen and a science laboratory at Springs of Hope High School.
Peru – helped fund the construction of a new bathroom, kitchen, dining room and laundry at the Hogar Mercedes de Jesus (orphanage).
Nepal – helped fund the construction of the Shining Stars Children’s Home and Brighter Future Children’s Home.
Haiti – funded the construction of the GVN Jacmel Community Centre.
Special Consultative status by the United Nations – granted to GVN Foundation (2009)

Montague says that GVN Foundation is on the path to doubling its impact and her goal this year is to raise half a million dollars through their largest fundraiser ‘Eat So They Can’.

“Eat So They Can is our global dinner party with a cause taking place on October 16-17. We invite people around the world to host a meal and donate to one of GVNF’s causes: orphaned and vulnerable children, women’s empowerment, emergency relief, or anti-trafficking.”

There is no way no way GVN foundation would have achieved even half of what they have been able to accomplish without the support of donors, says Montague.

“Over the years thousands of people have made donations to our projects and partners and we are so grateful for your faith in our work, our partners and our vision. The GVN Foundation team looks forward to an even more productive, fun, meaningful and innovative next 5 years. Thank you again for getting involved and helping us work towards creating a better world.”

For further information about Eat So They Can please visit: www.eatsotheycan.org
For further information about GVN Foundation, please visit: www.gvnfoundation.org