Paper, plastic, trash?



Hi from New York City world! If you have yet to experience \”the city\”…trust me, it is AMAZING!

I have a short and quick observational post coming at you today…\”As of 2007, there were 6580 daily newspapers in the world selling 395 million copies a day.\” (Thank you Wikipedia) Now lets fast forward to me riding the subway the other day while seeing news papers everywhere. When someone was done reading or riding, frequently the paper was just left behind or tossed in the trash can. However, in a city of 8million people that swells to 12 million daily, all I saw were trash cans, WHERE ARE THE RECYCLE BINS?!?

Now I love print publications…they simply have a different energy to them, especially if someone has passed one on to you. Therefore, will l I be the person to put an end to the printed word? Doubtful. BUT WOW, would I ever LOVE LOVE LOVE to see some recycle bins for the abundance of disposable publications in circulation. 

Make it a great day and thanks for reading

ps, maybe we can be the people who lead by example and make sure our papers make it to the recycle:-)