To Explore and Protect


\"AdrianAnother excerpt from Kaleigh and Jon’s Daintree Experience . . .

While planting in the Daintree, we had the amazing opportunity to check out a few of the local companies that support Rainforest Rescue through regular donations. Both the Daintree Discovery Centre and Daintree Discovery Tours help to turn the overwhelming wonder of the Daintree into an understandable and enjoyable experience.

\"\"The Daintree Discovery Centre was an excellent way to learn about all aspects of the region. The centre has a beautiful aerial walkway and canopy tower that allows you to see the rainforest from a higher perspective—something that is not easily achieved without wings. As you walk throughout the outdoor portion of the centre (which is the majority of it) you can listen to telephone style audio guides that cover many aspects of the rainforest (ecological, cultural and historical). We found that a lot of our questions about certain trees or animals that we had seen in our travels were answered on this visit. It was a great source of information on the area.

In addition to learning about the area, we wanted to see as much as we could—and that’s where Daintree Discovery Tours came in. The tour of the Daintree that this organization provides is the best way to see a vast range of the rainforest first hand. We did everything from sea kayaking to swimming to crocodile spotting to ice cream sampling. It would have been difficult to fit anything else in! Our wonderful guide, Adrian, delivered interesting Daintree factoids throughout the day, which not only proved to be educational—they were unusually entertaining. It was such a personalized and small scale tour that it didn’t feel like the typical tourist experience. It was more like meeting a local at the pub and him agreeing to take you for a spin around the area. We had a truly fantastic day.

The best part about these businesses is they practice what they preach. They exist to allow people the opportunity to explore the Daintree and so they make a real effort to help preserve it through their support of Rainforest Rescue.

We wouldn’t have walked away from this experience with so much knowledge of the area if it weren’t for these fabulous organizations.