Top 5 growing healthcare careers



Healthcare careers are always on the rise as the world will always need care takers. Yet, the healthcare field has hundreds of career options to decide on. So how is a future student, like you, to know what career is for them?

There are various ways to figure out which job is for you, including career assessment tests, but what about job growth? In this current economy most people are worried about what job they’ll find after graduation. According the U.S Department of labor the healthcare industry is expected to grow by 22% through 2018.

Let’s find out how you can be part of this growing industry.

Registered Nurse- Probably the 2nd most recognizable healthcare profession is nursing. There are different nursing career paths, but RN’s are the fastest growing career within all industries through 2018. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics between 2008 and 2018 the number of nursing positions expected to become available are over 580,000. Registered nurses can specialize in a number of programs but will always be there to treat patients, educate them, and provide advice and support to patients and family members.

Home Health Aides and Personal and Home Care Aides – While these can be considered two different positions with varying job growth, it is expected on average both these fields will grow by about 48%. Part of the reason for such a large growth is because of the projected number of elderly people who will need home health care. These aides may help those who are disabled, ill, impaired or elderly who live in their own homes, facilities or institutions.

Nursing Aides, Orderlies and Attendants – It is expected that by 2018 there will be an additional 276,000 jobs in this line of work. These orderlies, aides and attendants work within various facilities to bath, dress, groom, and move patients as well as making sure they are comfortable and their rooms are kept tidy. Nursing aides work closely with patients making sure that not only they’re physical health, and emotional well-being is taken care of.

Other healthcare positions you may be interested with large growth potential in the future include Medical Records and Health Information Technician, Healthcare Administrator and Licensed Practical Nurse. Why not try taking a free online medical course to get you started!