Top 5 ways to boost productivity



As the school year presses on the hardest part can sometimes be trying to focus on studying. The more you try and concentrate the more distractions you find for yourself. For example, you’re trying to write a five paragraph essay for your English Composition class but Oprah is on and this is her last season and what kind of a fan would you be if you missed even ONE episode?

Wrong. That should not be how your prioritize. If it is, it’s time check out these 5 ideas to boost your productivity.

  1. Turn off the TV. Anything good on television can be found online. I’m certainly not advocating piracy (unless it’s the Captain Jack Sparrow kind where I get whisked away by Johnny Depp and he teaches me how he applies his eyeliner while sailing the high seas). The fact is most TV shows air episodes online the next day, and with less commercials!
  2. Get an egg timer. Some people work hard without any restrictions and some people live and die by them. If you’re the type of person who needs some regulation, check out the Pomodoro technique. It’s an incredibly easy way to give yourself guidelines that will help you accomplish everything you need to.
  3. Bargaining. Normally this is something you do after you’ve promised your soul to the Devil and he comes collectin’ (but Mr.Satan, I thought you meant the sole of my shoe!?! Why would I agree to give away my actual SOUL…that’s just crazy…).  But making bargains with yourself is easy, if not slightly schizophrenic. Just say “Self, I will absolutely NOT read any of Charlie Sheens tweets till I finish writing 2 paragraphs.”  See? Simple.
  4. Keep your promise. When you’ve bargained with yourself it’s really easy to break the stipulations because who’s gonna enforce them? You’re certainly not going hit yourself with a ruler if you fail to comply, so you’ll have to hold yourself accountable by the good ole fashioned honor system. Just don’t lie to yourself; that’s the fastest way to turn from regular just-for-study-purposes schizophrenic to paranoid schizophrenic.
  5. Stay away from Facebook. I mean it, stop right there! Facebook might be the lifeline of nearly every person everywhere, but it is kryptonite when it comes to studying. Just stay away.