Ways to promote energy efficiency at the workplace


\"AWe become easily distracted when dealing with daily living, and hard to fully focus on green issues.  We are faced with existing realities such as escalation of gas prices, unemployment, economic challenges and general attitudes.  When life gets us down, we must look up and exercise better gratitude rather than attitude.

How does that tie to green living?  By exercising behavioral issues, thinking outside the box and, learning about our precious environment.  Getting connected in the workplace important while doing our part, past Earth Day 2011 and beyond.  Here are some avenues we can take in making our workplace a happier space during the day.

  • Stop printing carelessly. Print on both sides. Make an effort to use and purchase 100% post-consumer recycled paper.
  • Shut down your workstations. Where I work in the US, we log off during the week then shut-down on the weekends. Best practice is to shut-down your computers, monitors, printers and speakers at night.
  • Use power strips. Plug all of your electronics into power strips and turn them off at night to save more on energy.
  • Program copy machines. Have them enter into sleep and shut-down modes after a selected period of time.
  • Purchase greener products. This includes green cleaners, fuel efficient vehicles, and Energy Star/ Green Star rated electronics, including vending machines.
  • Have an energy audit conducted. This will identify areas where cost benefits may apply, or even qualify for future government rebates.
  • Conserve on water. Check all faucets, water fountains, toilets and urinals for leaks and running water.
  • Turn your lights off when you\’re the last one leaving the lavatory. Post signs in the workplace advising them to \”turn off lights\” will help in savings too.
  • Get workers involved in the green movement and hold green meetings, speaking about recycling efforts, personal maintenance and responsibility.

Don\’t ever think that little efforts are worthless to you or your fellow co-workers, for every little bit counts.  In the long run, the little goals we set with energy maintenance shall be prevalent for the good for mankind and womankind.  Making changes means making a great start for your family, community and yourself.  For all the challenges in the world, one little thing will make the world a better place.  So, cheers, thanks a lot and make all attempts in making a green day everyday.  Peace+Godsend! :)

(note: source taken from www.broward.org/climate change)