The world after consumerism….


‘There must be more to life than having everything!’ ~Maurice Sendak

So what\’s next? What happens when the debt entrenched masses decide that they no longer \”need\” another Abercrombie shirt or that their house already is to larger? What happens when the youth decide to avoid consumerism and the lifestyle of debt that accompanies it?

What will our society look like then?

In a conversation with a good friend the other day, something was raised to my attention

~ Have you ever noticed that in our society we are always spending money?

For years I have said, we live in a glutenous world of finite resources, but I had never actually broken it down. To do nothing in our society…actually costs money! Wether you own or rent, cook in or eat out, ride public transit or drive yourself. In the most basic of examples, if your refrigerator is on…you are spending money!

We are always consuming!

Presently, I feel like as a society we are procrastinating/masterbating ~ in the end we are only f*$&ing ourselves…or is it the future generations we are really sticking it to?

Sorry for the crude comment above…but it is seriously time to implement sustainable change! I could rhyme off some odd adages like \”There is no time like the present\” or \”When is the best time to plant a tree? 100 years ago. When is the second best time? Right now!\” But all I really want to know is ~

What will motivate you?

Lets just say a shift of consciousness occurs. Lets just say sustainable living becomes a moral priority and in turn becomes a political priority. Lets just say politicians are actually ready to implement sustainable policy…


Please comment with your ideas!?! I want to know what you are thinking and truly believe that we can do this! Hell, we HAVE to do this!

Thank you for reading and make it a good day, Stephen


Katie #permalink

I've felt that shift in consciousness in my own life, and I see a lot of evidence of it as I'm perusing the internet. I feel, as a whole, we are slowly growing tired of the poor quality of everything in our lives (i.e. job satisfaction, politicians, processed food, the clothes we buy. We are even growing tired of the poor quality that abounds in some of Hollywood's projects.)

With the endless amounts of information and information sharing, we are changing all these things. Our backlash as a community when we don't like or agree with something is stronger because of our ability to spread information quicker and to more people. For example, a crappy movie once made millions and million the first week coming out of Hollywood. Now, with the quick spread of opinions on twitter, youtube, blogs, the monetary intake for these movies has drastically diminished in just one day following a release. I feel people see a poor review and go into the "I'll just wait until it's on Netflix" mindset. This type of reaction and loss of money is pressuring Hollywood to improve their craft and make better movies.

Satisfaction from being a consumer is very short lived, the the reward that comes from doing or creating something yourself is almost endless.

Stephen Szucs #permalink

From beginning to end, thank you for your comment Katie! We 'the consumer" have the choice…when we spend our dollars, we are defining the limits of what we deem acceptable. So what's the answer? I feel we can find some solace in the voice that is rising. Still the difference between a goal and a dream is a plan! So what's our plan? Make it a good day lady and thanks again for your comment! Stephen


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