10 Tips for creative writing



When you are going to write a creative essay, it’s important to make your work catchy for readers. Follow our tips on creative writing and create great articles. In this guide we have gathered the best ideas that will help to improve your writing skill, so be ready to get a lot of positive feedback from your future readers.

  1. Write a catchy title

When people look for something to read on Internet, they may find tons of information about the subject they are interested in. How to make them read your article? Just create a catchy title that will turn their attention. Creative essay titles are not easy to create, but good writers know that a title can be the defining factor for someone to choose their book to buy. Remember that it’s easy to write your work first, and then to make a creative catchy title. It would be great to combine in your title ordinary and unexpected things. Compare titles of books “How to earn a lot of money” and “How to earn your first million in ten steps”. Feel the difference? The creative title of the second book will make it more popular just because readers like it. So, before creating a catchy title, put yourself on reader’s place and think what title of article would turn your attention to read. Keep in your mind that people would choose a book with an unusual, creative title rather than with an ordinary.

  1. Put yourself into your readers’ shoes

As you are writing not just for yourself, but for the readers, it’s important to know your future audience. Think about where your work will be published. Imagine what kind of readers would be interested in your essay’s or book’s subject. Keep in your mind that those people who love poetry are different from those who reads fan fiction stories, and readers of detectives and mystery books are different from those who adores to read historical novels. Focus on your audience and think what these people would be impressed by.

  1. Write regularly

Remember that writing should be your daily routine, only this will help you to improve your skill. Nothing should distract you in writing process, so all you need is just several hours per day in a quiet place where no one could disturb or distract you. Don’t forget to turn off your mobile phone: your inspiration and willing to write shouldn’t be destroyed by unexpected phone call. When you will do this every day, it becomes your need, and you won’t feel like you are forcing yourself to write. In opposite, it will become your special ritual, and you’ll wait for these “happy writing hours” with excitement and impatient.

  1. Make your notes

During writing you can concentrate only on your work. But what to do if you’re sitting at work in the middle of your workday, or going in a bus to visit your friend, and suddenly your imagination and inspiration start to give you brilliance ideas? Yes, you can try to remember it, but after a long day you may find yourself sitting at the table with your writing and trying to concentrate and recollect in your memory those things. Your brain is great, but it can’t work like computer, that’s why you might lose a lot of your great ideas in this way. To avoid this, always keep a pencil and a notebook in your bag, and make notes every time you need it. Nothing would be missed by you in this simple way, and even after a few days you will easily remember all your thought and ideas just after a short peek at your own notes. All creative writing ideas will be just inside your head, and you’ll never forget it thanks to your notebook.

  1. Read a lot

If you want to improve your creative writing skills, be prepared to read a lot. And if you are writing a detective book, it doesn’t mean that you have to read only detective stories. In opposite, the most different essays, stories and books you will read, the most creative writing prompts you may find there. Analyze like other authors describe different things in their works, write short notes about styles they use, notice interesting techniques that turn your attention. After some practice, you can also use these styles and techniques to improve your writing and to get more readers involved into your work. Apart from reading books and essays, we suggest reading practice advice about writing techniques from online essay writers. You will find a lot of useful information about improving your writing style and get a lot of new ideas for your work. If you are looking for new ideas about any subject, you may find a lot of useful information on Wikipedia . This tip would be very useful for those writers that write historical work and need real facts from reliable sources about the topic.

  1. Join online writers groups

Online writers blogs and sites are great places where you can improve your writing abilities and to share your work with other writers as well as read their too. You can join a group of writers on internet and get enough useful information about writing techniques and styles without wasting a lot of time, jest because all the needed things are already gathered there. You can create your own blog and publish your work there. Online creative writing will give you a great possibility to get feedback from readers on internet. In addition, your work shouldn’t be finished to publish in blog. You can publish it by pieces, and analyze your readers reaction, so it will give you a good possibility to twist your story’s plot in the way you need. Don’t forget to read other authors’ works and give them feedback.

  1. Use three-act structure

Most of modern writers use in their works structure that contains from three main parts. This structure also used in movies and television dramas. Here how the structure looks:

  • Set-up – here the writer introduces to readers the book’s characters and sets the scene.
  • Confrontation – in this part appears the problem needs to be resolved by the main character.
  • Resolution – how your story ends after solving problem.

This structure works good for books and stories, but what to do if you’re writing an essay? According to the structure, your essay should have next parts:

  • Set-up – an introduction, where you introduce to readers the subject of your work and highlight a problem.
  • Confrontation – this is the main part of the essay where you discuss problem of your work’s topic, using evidence, arguments and quotation from reliable sources.
  • Resolution – this is your essay’s conclusion. In this part you summarize facts to end your work in a logical way.
  1. Try free writing

If you feel that it’s hard for you to start writing when you have your “writing ritual”, try just to write whatever comes in your head. You may describe your day at work, or situation at the car traffic when you were going home. Don’t forget to give a title to your story. Maybe in the future you will find this work usable, and maybe not. When making free writing, don’t pay much attention to grammar and spelling. The main goal of this simple task is to remove blocks and start writing. You should just sit and write for about five-fifteen minutes. And if even during writing you feel out of ideas or just bored, just try to ask yourself why you’re unable to write and keep writing your own thoughts! Many writers use this method to gather their ideas and thoughts. You should keep this interesting technique in your mind too.

  1. Do writing exercises

All sportsmen do morning exercises to keep their muscles trained. And being a writer, you should keep your writing skill fresh and updated. Writing exercises can help you to improve abilities, plus you may use material you wrote for your work. It’s not hard to find some writing exercises online or in handbooks for writers. They might seem not so easy at the very beginning, but the more you exercise your brain, the more creative ideas it will product! You can find some very interesting writing exercises here: http://writingexercises.co.uk/index.php. Try them out, and they will become a part of your writing routine.

  1. Edit your work

Never forget about editing, because your work should look professional not only in style, but also in grammar. Never try to edit the text you just wrote, because you may miss errors. Before editing, give yourself a little distraction from your writing, do something else or go for a walk. This will keep your brain fresh and you won’t miss any logical or grammar mistake. You can use different vocabularies and grammar books. Nowadays, there are tons of good software for checking writing errors. Of course, it’s very simple to use online programs to check your grammar and spelling, but don’t forget to proofread the whole work to ensure everything is perfect. If it’s hard for you to see mistakes, try to read your work aloud and record it. Then listen to the record and notice which places you’d like to change. As you can see, not only your eyes are able to correct errors, but ears too.

Creative writing is not an easy thing, but with our tips you will be able to improve your abilities and create great texts, articles, stories, essays and books to impress readers and make them wish to read more of your works. Don’t give up and make your own plan on your improving. Go ahead and develop your creative writing every day. Reach your goals and always go forward, trying to improve your creative writing as much as possible. You will get a lot of pleasure during writing, and your future readers will definitely appreciate your work.