Canada transitions to green tourism



Over the past few years, Canada has managed to set itself apart from its North American neighbor. Thanks to its beautiful scenery, vibrant economy, and friendly residents, Canada has become one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. It helps tremendously that the country is full of English speakers as well. Of course, the country has taken a stance and will soon become green. Even since the country was taken over by Justin Trudeau, its government has taken on more progressive policies. Protecting the environment has been one of Trudeau’s most pertinent issues.

This is evident with the recent announcement that the tourism sector in Canada would soon turn green. The country will implement a new program, which will make it possible to reduce the environment impact of Canadian tourism. This will be accomplished through the utilization of white papers, how-to-guides, webinars, and checklists. It will be a collaborative effort between the Tourism Industry Association of Canada, TIAC, and Green Tourism. The overall goal of the initiative will be to meet the growing demands of travelers, while also reducing the carbon footprint and environmental impact of tourism to and from Canada.

According to Green Tourism Canada, there are currently 100 or more businesses in Canada, which have been certified as green or are currently awaiting grading. Those that have managed to achieve this accreditation has followed the guidance of Green Tourism, while reducing costs, improving sustainability performance, and letting their guests know about their green achievements. Those that book flight to Canada in the future may very well experience a whole different setup. And the best aspect of all is that the program will help to sustain the environment for future generations. This will be very important in the future, because Canada is expected to experience a major influx of tourists from China in the upcoming years.

On September the 2nd, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau traveled to China and announced a new tourism initiative. The new strategy will help to strengthen the relationship between China and Canada, while also bolstering the tourism between both countries. The President of China and the Canadian Prime Minister vowed to make 2018 the year of China-Canada Tourism. If their strategy proves to be fruitful, both countries will experience a major increase in tourism over the next few years.

Canada’s National Parks are definitely a hot tourist destination. The parks offer a refuge from the congestion of the big city, while giving families an opportunity to explore the outdoors. The Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society is focusing on building new parks, but the organization has yet to appoint a job creator for the project. This would surely enhance tourism and make the environmental groups extremely happy, all at the same time. The declining forestry economy has taken its toll on recreation and tourism, but with a solid restoration plan, this could easily be reversed. The Castle River area is gaining a lot of focus from conservation groups, because they want to put a stop to logging in this area.

These establishments and the growing relationship between Canada and China will help Canada grow in terms of tourism over the next few years. And they’ll do it, without hurting the environment!