Best careers for 2012



Wondering what the best career choice 2012? Read on to find out which sectors will continue to grow and is most likely to offer employment opportunities in the near future …

The current recession has brought great changes in the labor market. Some jobs that were once considered to be well paid and secure may not even exist today! This creates much confusion in the minds of people who are about to start or change a career.

According to experts of the labour market, the five areas of health economics, business, finance, information technology, education and media / communication, will continue to grow despite the recession. Therefore, some of the best career opportunities today are in these sectors. For those who want to know the best race of 2012, here is some useful information on jobs in each sector.


Health care is a great need for people today, and according to analysts of the labour market, the opportunity to work in this area will continue to grow in coming years. Opportunities range from being a doctor or physical therapist assistant to a nurse or nursing assistant. The average salary for all professions and between $60,000 and $70,000 USD per year. To become a medical assistant, you need a college degree and a two-year training program, designed specifically for physician assistants. To become a physical therapist requires a master’s degree in physical therapy program and must obtain a license to pass an examination. If you wish to become a nurse, you must be prepared for three-year nursing diploma or four-year Bachelor of Nursing (Bachelor of Science in Nursing).

Information Technology

IT jobs such as software developers, software testers, technical writers, etc., certainly qualify for a career at a good wage level for 2012. Despite the recession, there has been a steady increase in demand for personal computers. On average, an IT professional with several years of experience can expect to make approximately $90,000 per year. To become a computer engineer, you need a degree in computer science. To become a systems analyst for the network, you need a degree in computer science or a degree in liberal arts. In some cases, a two-year associate degree is all you need to enter this profession.

Business and Finance

There are many opportunities for employment growth in this sector. The recession has spurred the demand for accountants and auditors – those who manage a company’s accounts and annual tax returns. Financial analysts and financial advisers who support the board of a company in making good decisions so that profits can be made are also in strong demand. Experienced financial consultants can expect to make about $100,000 per year. Other work such as director of sales, director of human resources, market research professionals are also experiencing growth.


Teaching jobs, either at school or university is one of the best careers in 2012. Recession or no recession, there is always a demand for teachers. To qualify as a teacher, you will need four-year bachelor’s degree in education at primary or secondary. After obtaining the Degree a year is required for a teacher training certificate. With a Master\’s Degree you must obtain a license to teach from the Department of Education. If you are going to become a professor, you must have completed a PhD. Salaries are competitive, while the stress is reduced with the teacher receiving a number of holidays throughout the year.


With the huge increase in Internet traffic, there will be a great demand for people like content editors, bloggers and those who maintain web sites. Advertising professionals, designers of video games, actors, editors, graphic designers and other jobs in the media are among the growth job opportunities.

Jobs in these sectors provide the right kind of security and wages in the future to come. See where your interest lies, then acquire the knowledge and experience to enter the domain of your choice. Good luck!