Cooking the energy efficient way



Economic times are tough and money is tight for everyone. Not only that, but pollution and global warming are slowly changing the weather patterns and climates of our world. Wouldn\’t it be nice if you could do your part for the planet and cut back on your bills at the same time? Well, you can! All you need to do is take up cooking the energy-efficient way.

Just stop to consider the resources that are used in your kitchen each day. Some of them include:

• Water
• Food
• Electricity
• Gas
• Heat

Wasting any or all of those things is never a good idea. It can be a waste of your time, your money and the planet\’s stores of such things. Unfortunately, natural resources aren\’t infinite, as some people tend to think. So, you shouldn\’t take them for granted.

Buying New Kitchen Appliances:

Many people are opposed to buying new kitchen appliances. They figure that there\’s nothing wrong with the appliances they have. Some people even have refrigerators that are over 25 years old. What is wrong with that? Well, older kitchen appliances use more energy.

You see, newer appliances have been developed using newer technology. Your old refrigerator or dishwasher might have been state of the art at the time, but now it\’s a historic relic. Sure, you can still wash your dishes or keep your food cold with old appliances, but at what cost? Have you inspected your electricity bills lately?

Buying new kitchen appliances may seem expensive, but not when you look at what they will save you in the long-term future. Here are some appliances to consider replacing:

• Oven
• Stove Top
• Refrigerator
• Dishwasher
• Freezer
• Microwave
• Toaster Oven

What Toaster Ovens Can Do:

Speaking of toaster ovens, have you ever considered what toaster ovens can do? They don\’t just make toast. In fact, a good toaster oven is easy to clean, fully adjustable and easy to fit into any corner of your kitchen. Yet, that same tiny appliance is a cooking powerhouse.

A great toaster oven, such as a Breville toaster oven, can bake, broil, toast or even just warm your food. Not only that, but a sturdy toaster oven can cook a whole meal in a fraction of the time that it would take a large oven to cook that same meal. The toaster oven would also use less energy and put out less heat in the process.

The Food Itself:

One of the best ways to save in the kitchen is to examine your menu from start to finish. When looking at the food itself, always ask yourself the following things:

• Are The Foods Fresh?
• Have They Been Chemically Treated?
• Are they expensive because of extra packaging?
• Did you buy them in bulk or on sale?
• Did you grow them yourself?

As for the cooking process, you also need to examine that. Here are some good questions to ask:

• Are you cooking the food in the right appliance?
• Are you making efficient use of your large oven by cooking several foods in it at once, when you use it?
• Are you cooking a lot of soups, stews or casseroles, which only require the heating of one pot or dish?
• Are you doing all of your cooking for the week at once and freezing leftovers for later?

Cooking With Common Sense:

You see, energy-efficient cooking is basically just cooking with common sense. Make the best use of time, space and energy. Don\’t over-tax your large appliances for small jobs. That extends to ovens, refrigerators and even dishwashers. Always make sure that you get the right size appliance, get an energy-efficient appliance and use that appliance properly.

As for the food, cooking at home doesn\’t have to be boring or tiring. You can make it as fun and exciting or quick and easy as you want to. Just make good use of freezer space and learn to defrost your leftovers as needed. They you can cook whenever you want, rather than out of necessity. That\’s cooking the energy-efficient and fun way.

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