Daintree gets unwelcome visit from Cyclone Yasi


\"JoeI’ve just spoken with Joe Reichl, Rainforest Rescue’s man on the ground up in the Daintree about the impact of Cyclone Yasi and the situation this morning. Joe, a long time Daintree resident reports that “it was a really big storm. The forest looks pretty beaten up. Yasi knocked down a lot of large trees and sheared off the tops of many more. The remaining trees were ‘thinned’ with leaves and branches breaking off. There is now a carpet of leaves and twigs covering the ground”.

Joe’s main concern is our Daintree Rainforest Plant Nursery. Joe said “It would have copped a beating”. He said he hadn’t been out to inspect Rainforest Rescue’s properties just yet or the tree planting sites, however he will do that as soon as he can and will send photos in the next few days. He reports that “The Cape Tribulation Road was blocked until 8.30 am this morning and the Daintree River Ferry was shut down until this morning. The noise of the cyclone was like standing behind a 707, it was just a huge roar. We only got one hour’s sleep. There is alot of damage to clear up now, we’ve copped a real flogging. There’s a giant repair job to be done.”

While it’s too early to say what the full impact of Cyclone Yasi on the Daintree will be Rainforest Rescue will continue to monitor the situation and post another report once we have a more detailed account. Until then our thoughts are with everyone in Far North Queensland as they start the recovery process from Cyclone Yasi.

Kelvin Davies
Rainforest Rescue