How to focus on studying?



Studying can sometimes be a very dull task for the majority of students especially in those cases when they have little or no interest in the material provided. They must be motivated in order to be willing to study. Otherwise they won’t spare any effort to learn something.

We can often hear students complaining that it is too complicated to focus while studying or reading something. You can even remember yourself saying, “I can’t concentrate!” So where does the problem lie? Is it because the task is so uninteresting and you don’t like it so much as to study it or else you are being distracted very easily? The second version is more plausible. So now I shall try to provide you with tips which, in all likelihood, will help you to concentrate on studying.

1. Get rid of apparent distractions

I am sure that you will never agree to depart from your cell phones but believe me it is not wise to study with them even if they are set to vibrate mode. It is very likely that one of friends will call you when you are studying and you can’t help yourself chatting about the latest news or discussing the new gossips. This kind of conversation lasts at least an hour. So try to leave your cell phones alone only for some time (the time you are studying) and be sure that you will manage to complete your task sooner than it is expected.

2. Motivate yourself

“I need to do this!” Say it to yourself and start making preparations of studying the material that can be of great contribution to you. You can say that you don’t feel like doing this as you are very tired or you have some other things to do. However it is easier to motivate yourself than you can imagine. For example, you can set yourself a goal of studying an hour which therefore will be followed by 15 minutes of listening to music with a hot cup of tea. Or you can stimulate yourself by thinking that if you study well you will get a high mark and the lecturer will praise you in front of all the students.

In the end just realize for yourself that everything you have studied will help you later on. Focus on all the benefits that your knowledge can give to you and you will study without any distractions.