James Cook University-FAESS


The faculty offers an internationally recognised standard with particular emphasis on research into issues of relevance to people and societies in the tropics. We have Distinguished Professor Alexandra Aikhenvald whose research into languages of the Amazon and languages of Papua New Guinea is world class.

We also have Tropical Research Leaders in the following areas: Environmental Education (Prof Bob Stephenson), Indigenous Community Empowerment (Prof. Komla Tsey), and Cultures of Tropical People (Prof Ton Otto). The faculty has world class social science research leaders and teams of postgraduate students and post docs whose regular meetings generate exciting and tangible possibilities for new knowledge.

This is a Faculty with a broad charter, bringing together disciplines from the arts and humanities with a range of professional courses. Students in the Faculty of Arts, Education and Social Sciences will gain valued and important skills – you will learn to be an effective communicator, creative analyst and innovative problem solver. You will be able to access and evaluate information with the latest technologies, research topics to find solutions to real-world problems, and do so with a sound appreciation of the cultural and societal values involved.

There are opportunities to study overseas for 6 months or a year and scholarships and bursaries to assist with overseas travel. If you choose to combine a foreign language with your studies this can enhance your prospects to study and work abroad.

Flexible Degrees

The Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Social Sciences degrees have flexible structures that allow you to tailor your studies to your own particular interests and career plans. Subjects from other faculties can be incorporated into these degrees, combining the world knowledge and generic skills of the arts and social sciences with those from areas such as business, information technology and health and other sciences. Targeted multi-disciplinary programs have been created with exciting career options in mind.