Jobs that carve the path for an eco-friendly future



Jobs that benefit the environment and conserve natural resources are considered green by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Green jobs have outpaced those in other categories by almost 250 percent over the last ten years, reports U.S. News. Industries include energy, transportation, lodging, health care, water, consumer products, travel—everyone has a green niche. For example, efficient technology and helping the environment go hand in hand. With cloud computing, you no longer need to buy a server. Large businesses can save energy by consolidating costs of running and maintaining computer infrastructure.

Going green is becoming mainstream. Environmentally friendly industries are growing 2.5 times faster than the overall economy and take root in all sectors, as the Economic Policy Institute notes. The opportunities range from rebuilding the water infrastructure to growing organic foods.

Science Teacher

Make an impact by shaping the lives of future leaders and decision makers of society. Through biology, chemistry, geosciences and physics, students learn about the principles of life and the earth. Fundamental knowledge of these processes helps save and rebuild our environment. Science teachers make a huge difference in the life of school-bound children, teens and adults.

Pollution Control Technician

Use meteorology, hydrology, chemistry and engineering principles to control air, water and soil pollutants. Modify, test and operate machinery and processes used in prevention, control and remediation of environmental challenges.


Spend your days in the woods, working outdoors as a forester. It takes science, math and communication skills to get the 4-year degree. Classes include: wood technology, hydrology, wildlife conservation, statistics, computer science agronomy, wetlands analysis and water and soil quality.

Organic Farmer

Organic foods are farmed in a more sustainable and socially responsible way. Farmers are interested in the sustainable health and productivity of the ecosystem, as well as the overall health of society. Take a holistic approach by getting your hands dirty and harness the power of natural processes to develop fertile soil through crop rotation and composting as markets and restaurants bring organic food from farm to table.

Renewable Energy Engineer/Tech

Wind, solar, bioenergy, geothermal and hydropower—all renewable energy sources humanity is tapping into in an effort to save the planet. The demand for cleaner air is higher than ever and the need for problem solvers who care about the environment and are committed to social change continues to grow. Both engineers, installation planners and technicians are necessary to get the solar panels and carbon free wind farms working.


The \”green jobs process approach,\” as defined by the BLS, identifies businesses that use environmentally responsible production processes. You can easily integrate favorable technologies that make a positive impact on the environment into your business practices and satisfy consumer demand by introducing greener products or/and services into the marketplace.


Traditional landscaping plays a large part in pollution with the overuse of hazardous pesticides, gas-guzzling lawnmowers and water. Modern landscapers take a friendlier approach to grooming lawns and yards. You can get involved in this movement by devoting your career to improving the world through it\’s own natural beauty and systems.

Looking for Green Jobs

There are countless resources online to assist in finding the perfect job and location for your particular interests. A high amount of green jobs exist in San Francisco, Houston, New York, Washington D.C. and Los Angeles, according to Forbes. Do some research and fill out online job applications to get going on your career and the future of the earth.

Author Bio:Caroline manages the community outreach team for a nonprofit. She organizes events and meetups with other businesses and fundraisers. In her spare time she likes to write about environmental business practices.