Ohio State gets anti-white discrimination lawsuit


You needn’t sit long in an ideological class on campus or in re-education seminar before you’re told something along the lines of “you can’t be racist against white people because they have all the power.” Obviously, that “all the power” part is rubbish for anyone paying attention to politics or the world, but it’s the former I want to dispute today, with the following news which received so little coverage:

Ohio State U. faces anti-white discrimination lawsuit

My own eyeballs, and a post or two on this blog, see anti-white discrimination to be quite blatant on many of our campuses, from job positions advertised basically as “no whites need apply,” to diversity fiefdoms with a constituency composed of strictly non-whites (this type of thing has often been shown as RACIST in the against “under-represented” minority groups many times, so turnabout should be fair), to departments where it’s very clear you simply cannot get position if you happen to white.

Of course, raising objections to any of the previous immediately gets you branded as RACIST, and defending yourself against the charge is hopeless because it’s basically an axiom: there’s no such thing as anti-white discrimination.

Or so they say. But you can’t exactly have a lawsuit charging a fundamentally impossible activity. That said, an accusation doesn’t mean much, what kind of case is there against Ohio State?

The suit, filed by Mary Faure in federal court Monday, claims that despite “positive performance and teaching evaluations” she was discharged from her position as director of the Engineering Technical Communications Program within the Department of Engineering Education.

Interesting, the case is being brought forth by a female. I’d comment on the very significant anti-male discrimination on our campuses but that’d be a distraction (and, of course, something we’re also often told is impossible).

Another digression: “Department of Engineering Education”? Why, what, how, is “Education” here? I hope they have an Engineering department at this campus so people can learn Engineering, but I can’t help but worry.

So far, just a disgruntled employee, perhaps, taking one last swing at her employer. She’ll need more than a firing despite good evaluations. Does she have it?

According to The Columbus Dispatch, Faure alleges her boss, Monica Cox, “frequently made ‘racist statements’” and that Cox’s “racist attitude had infected her employment decisions.”

“I despise white people,” Cox allegedly told Faure at their first meeting following the former’s hiring in 2016. Faure said Cox also complained about the “many old white men” in her department and noted that one of them, whom Cox nicknamed “Colonel Sanders,” would “have to go.”

Well, those are certainly claims of racism, far stronger than the usual crap levied at our current President. Isn’t it interesting that we have two bosses in higher ed, both female, in something that sort of sounds like engineering?

Our cultures gives something of a pass to people making racist statements against their own race. What race is Monica Cox?

Black female chair of Ohio State’s engineering department calls it ‘very male, very white’

Ok, she’s black, female, and, of course head of the supposed engineering department. And she has a history of racist (and sexist) behavior. Not looking good…although again I feel the need to point how odd it is that the “leadership” of department, clearly identified as mostly white and male…doesn’t have white male leadership. Am I really so alone in noticing how consistently this happens?

Curiously, while there are “bias response teams” on campus, this type of racism doesn’t go there, instead it goes to Human Resources (a fiefdom on campus which my own eyeballs also seem to show having some bias issues…). They laugh at her and let her know if she complains about her boss, it’ll only make things worse:

Faure reported Cox’s comments to human resources officials on multiple occasions and attempted to make a formal complaint. But the human resources director cautioned Faure against making a formal complaint, said the allegations “could come back” against Faure and that the allegations would be “your word against hers,” the lawsuit says.

The lawsuit is all accusations and alleged and so forth…but these types of complaints need to be documented. If Faure has the documentation, and HR has magically “lost” it (I’ve seen the like a few times), that sure won’t look good for OSU.

I’m hardly the only one to find the claims credible:

For anyone in academia, this isn’t surprising at all. Anti-white, and increasingly anti-asian, attitudes are prevalent and institutionalized in hiring/promotion policies, awards, and grants. Here we have a black female professor involved in engineering education. Engineering is dominated by men and non-blacks. I wouldn’t be surprised at all if this black professor is a racist and has discriminated against whites (and probably men and asians as well) in her professional decision making. It’s sad that influential blacks have completely destroyed the vision and gains of the civil rights movement with their embrace of racial hatred and scapegoating.

I reiterate that, much like the above poster, I find these claims credible not because of logic, reason, or evidence, but because I’ve seen the like multiple times with my own eyes.

That there is such anti-white racism at OSU, “if” there is such, is not the story here. The story is, after years of such activity on our campuses, the victims are finally not wasting their time on the internal kangaroo campus court system, and instead simply taking it to our “real” court system. We’ve seen more than enough times a university getting creamed in the real courts, because the “leaders” of the schools actually believe their own lies. It wouldn’t surprise me at all if their defense against these charges of racism summarizes to “we didn’t do it because it’s impossible to be racist against white people.”

I hope that’s exactly what they try, as it’ll amuse me greatly when it fails greatly.