The problem with bullying



Bullying has been a long standing issue for a long period of time and certainly has been perused throughout centuries. It is an issue that no individual wants to face whether they are a parent of the one who it is occurring with, or if it is of the one who is doing it. It has had terrible effects on families and communities and the source of it starts with the individual and community itself.

Bullying is mostly based off not having respect for a fellow peer. In this day and age society is still seeing the outcomes of bullying by a lack of tolerance. Whether by suicide, depression, or other acts of violence, it has continued to be a issue that last long after the period of mistreatment occurs. Today we may see more ways of trying to incorporate a way of respecting others, yet it all circles around a action approach. More seminars on bullying should be implemented into schools at an early age, and repercussions of actions should be apparent and made obviously aware to the visual participants.

Most acts of bullying occur when a victim is abused by one or more individual, which is common amongst a gang culture. Gang culture can be used in various aspects, such as a group of cheerleaders, a college fraternity, or your common hate group. It is the assembly of more than one person, with personal codes and ethics. When people outside of that gang ethics become visual, to them that becomes a feeling that what those individuals stand for becomes threatened in some way shape or form. Most acts of bullying are circled around peer pressure to not seem outside of one’s current group. Commonly the one who is doing the abuse at times does not closely hold their abusive sentiments close to themselves, but rather fall in line so they will not be seen as the odd one out. This was common amongst soldiers and citizens in Nazi Germany. Many followed orders simply because they feared losing position, possession, or even their lives over what could be considered acts of treason.

Bullying has been made a headline currently in the news and parts of advocacy, but intolerance still occurs, and that is mostly because within households issues could be standing that prolong the problem. Bullying does not have a age, race, or gender. It is something that is intrinsic, a personal issue that the individual or individuals who against another. I have witnessed the ugly side of bullying and how it can bring the ugliness and anguish out of the victims. It is nothing that should be slighted or not taken serious, because the damage can be instant and lifelong.

We as a world must personally recognize our own rights, and rights of others. It starts with the common courtesy of respect and it something that should be taught and administered to. It does not matter your position or avenue of life, it is something we all must adhere to in this day and age so that others can follow the footsteps to ridding this problem and unifying any society with the purpose of moving towards a more diligent future.

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