Requirements for Schengen Visa application


Obtaining a Schengen visa allows you to travel freely throughout the entire Schengen zone, which includes 26 European countries, for a specific timeframe. Nevertheless, depending on the type of visa and the Embassy or Consulate that issues it, you have to comply with certain restrictions in relation to the motive of your traveling and other important circumstances. Generally, the maximum amount of time you can stay within Schengen area is three months, starting from the moment or day of departure. During this time, you have to keep your passport with you constantly and verify attentively the expiration date on it before making the decision to travel abroad. If you do not satisfy the conditions for established by Schengen, you may experience unpleasant situations and rejections during the process. For instance, the airline may refuse to board you, or you might not have the possibility to enter the Schengen zone in the first place because they will deny your entrance, whether you intend to stay a few days or a few months. Thus, in order to prevent these inconveniences, you have to think ahead and consider renewing your passport so the immigration official will see you as a qualified individual and grant you the much-desired access.

Aspects to consider when applying for a Visa

Furthermore, you have to establish Schengen visa application requirements before the actual application and if you intend to travel to several countries in the Schengen area, make sure that you apply at the Consulate of that country that occupies the first place on your list in terms of visiting because you will obviously spend more time there. After making the required appointment at the Consulate, you must give the necessary documents for the application personally. Moreover, you need to act fast and set up the respective appointment 15 days before your actual departure to allow the completion of the bureaucratic process. Practically, each country in the Schengen space has the same requirements when it comes to issuing a visa for someone, except for some minor differences, according to the Consulate or Embassy that you need to familiarize with. The main idea is that all of them will demand the documents with vital information regarding your person.

Necessary documents for Visa application

Documents needed when applying for a visa include your passport and copies of other visas received in the past, the application form for the visa that you must complete and sign accurately, a recent and clear photo with a light background, the traveling itinerary including dates and flights that prove the entrance and exit from the Schengen zone. Furthermore, you have to present your travel health insurance meant to cover potential medical emergencies along with proof of accommodation and subsistence means necessary for survival during your stay. The purpose of your traveling matters for the Consulate, which means that you have to inform them in writing about the nature of your departure, such as training or doing business, visiting relatives or friends and studying, among others. Of course, this is not enough when crossing countries and you also have to deal with applications, reference letters and more.