Studying involves more than a desk and a book


It\’s no surprise that children who are more physically active tend to do better at school.

Hence the cliché : Healthy body, healthy mind.

But the research by Dr. King and colleagues goes further than simply correlating exercise with academic success – it combines them.

Learning Styles are a contentious subject.

There is no general consensus – let alone a worldwide view – on how learning styles should be employed in the classroom, what system of learning styles should be used, or even if they do in fact work.

While tutoring, I personally find the VARK learning styles the most practical system [VARK stands for Visual, Auditory, Read & Write, and Kinaesthetic]. It is thought that every student has a dominant learning style, or styles, and that teaching and learning via the dominant route/s helps a student engage better and learn more.

While learning styles are usually discovered by taking a short questionnaire, it can be quickly assessed by just learning to the language a student uses and how they like to describe things that they\’re learning.