Top 5 public Psychology Colleges in the United States



The study of psychology has reached new horizons and today is among the most popular career choices in the world. There are thousands every year in the US alone who seek higher education in this discipline, hoping one day to accomplish their dreams to become professional psychologists.

Psychology is a broad discipline with many subfields like clinical, biological, cognitive, social etc. There are hundreds of schools and psychology colleges present in the country which offer great opportunities for people through the degree programs they offer. If you wish to lead a promising career in the future, pursuing a psychology degree from these well known psychology colleges will benefit you greatly.

University of Michigan

The department of Psychology present at University of Michigan is known across the nation for the outstanding psychology programs it offers. It offers people with both graduate and undergraduate degrees and gives them the opportunity to excel in different areas of psychology. The university operates with an experienced faculty which is known nationally for their contributions. University of Michigan is accredited North Central Association of Colleges and Schools and is amongst the top 5 public psychology colleges which you should consider.

University of Minnesota
Minnesota is home to one of the top educational bodies in the United States. The University of Minnesota located in Minneapolis is another distinguished institute present in this state which offers popular psychology programs. The university in order to maintain its reputation chooses only the best students into its psychology department and offers them innovative psychology programs. The university is among the regionally accredited psychology colleges in Minnesota.

University of Wisconsin – Madison
University of Wisconsin – Madison is among the well established psychology colleges in the country. The university is the best where it comes to training psychology scientists for the new generation. It provides an opportunity for all those who think they have what it takes to cope up with the advanced psychology education offered at its department of psychology.

Pennsylvania State University
Pennsylvania State University is famous for both the online and on-campus psychology programs it offers. The department of psychology present at this university has about 40 faculty members who facilitate more than 100 professional learners. The university focuses mainly on enhanced research and offers you both graduate and bachelors options. A selected number of psychology programs are also offered online by this state run university making it one of the most diverse psychology colleges in the country.

University of California – Berkley
The department of psychology present at this university is ranked amongst the top 10 in the world. University of California – Berkley encourages all its learners to choose those psychology programs which they think will help them in the future. All the psychology programs offered by this university are accredited and authentic.

Glenn Ryall is an academic writer and researcher by profession. He provides people with both campus based and online psychology degree guidance and runs a site named psychology colleges.