Benefits of the LinkedIn helper marketing tool


LinkedIn Helper provides an unprecedented space where you can design and deliver quality marketing messages via mailbox. The provider ensures a sustainable customer reach via automation that enables personalization and efficiency in communication with prospects and clients. The following are detailed benefits of the tool:

Elimination of Redundancy

Marketing requires constant engagement with prospects and clients to help them navigate the product acquisition experience. Such engagements create redundancy in the outbound messages, eliminated via the following features of the tool:


Auto-invites allow for cold outreach to multiple recipients after collecting their contact data from online sources. The feature delivers the messages to client email addresses added to the email list without human supervision or request. The messages draw the prospect’s attention to your products and allow them to decide whether they want to join your client base.  

Mail merge functionality

The mail merge feature allows personalized messages to several user emails simultaneously. They take a general format and insert unique contact information at designated areas of the message. Your marketing team only constructs the basic message format and instructs the functionality to filter and insert all client data where necessary. Such data exists on the updated email list stored offline on a spreadsheet file or online on a Google Sheets file.   

Contact Management and CRM

The company’s email list contains vast client data that keeps changing. The tool allows automatic updates and storage of collected active emails in a database. Such contacts are essential for an effective customer relationship management (CRM) drive, where you understand consumer needs and preferences. It supports CRM goals via:  

Smart reply detection

Instant attention to client needs via smart reply detection allows sustained consumer satisfaction. The tool uses artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities to understand customer queries and provide the required details about a product’s usability. Consequently, your buyers can continue receiving guidelines despite the absence of human presence at the help desk during off hours.  

Drip marketing

Drip marketing involves sending scheduled messages via the tool while monitoring audience reactions for improved campaign strategies. The strategy involves delivering previously written marketing emails to customer inboxes at predetermined intervals to ensure they keep up with the product’s evolution.

Such a marketing strategy provides information that will guide the buyer to understand new product improvements that will solve any arising market needs. You intend to react to the consumer’s feedback by introducing new product features that satisfy evolving client requirements.        

Increased Revenue Generation Outcomes

Customer satisfaction via product improvement ensures capturing and retention of loyal consumers who constantly communicate about new needs. A system that constantly reaches out to inform the audience about important improvements to your items gives you an edge over competitors. Consequently, you will experience desirable profit margins from the increased revenue generation outcomes of the business.


The LinkedIn Helper tool is an innovative addition to your online marketing strategy capable of improving performance and CRM outcomes. The tool streamlines communication with prospects and regulars via automated emailing to spread awareness about product improvements. Consequently, you can be confident of higher lead conversion and revenue increases by making your outlet a more attractive destination for buyers.