Green lessons to be taken from the Royal Wedding… Aston Martin and all!



The car…Did you see that gorgeous sportscar driven by the Duke of Cambridge? His name is William and he borrowed the car from his father, Prince Charles. This was a gift from the Prince\’s mother the Queen of England. (you can\’t make this stuff up!) The Aston Martin Seychelles Blue DB6 MKII Volante droptop vehicle runs at about eight miles to the gallon, and retrofitted for the engine to accept alcohol based fuels in true bio-ethanol style (taken from their vineyard of grapes/ sugar), as opposed to his brother bio-diesel. (a derivative of vegetable oil/ soybeans + methyl ester) If you\’re interested and can afford it, a hybrid vehicle such as the Ford Escape or Toyota Prius could be a great investment, totaling about $30,000 or so, versus the Aston that costs somewhere over $150,000.

The trees…We admire beautification as we often reflect back to people, a memory or, a particular situation. Along with 30,000 flowers were a series of native British trees with planters (replicating the stones at Westminster Abbey) specially catered for the wedding event. There were six (6) field maples and two (2) hornbeams setup, as it signified a sense of \”resilience\” and \”humility\”, a humble means and fresh start for the newlyweds. These flowers and plants will be left for public viewing for about a week\’s time. Afterwards, most of the trees will be replanted and balance of flowers shall be donated to various charities, a very noble and sensible attempt. Advertisement Trees are the very best way to absorb and use carbon dioxide for energy, and produces oxygen to help us breathe better. This example was an excellent demonstration of how we should follow these special traits.

The reality. ..In the spirit of National Arbor Day or April 29, 2011, we could learn a lot from this regal experience. It\’s nice to observe that, royalty along with common folks could teach us the importance of sustainability issues. During the course of the day, I was marveled by the amount of avid supporters for a couple of royal monarchs (about 2 billion strong), realizing that even the elite takes energy efficiency rather seriously. For this movement is not just a fairytale but a way of life.