How to sell and buy your airline miles


Are you a frequent flyer?

If so, you may have built an enviable stock of airline miles you know you’ll never use. If so, you can either leave them to go to waste — or you can make money off them instead.

But what about if you want to buy airline miles and make big savings on First or Business Class flights?

You’ve come to the right place here at The Miles Market.

A Simple Way to Sell Airline Miles

The Miles Market is committed to helping you sell airline miles in the fastest, simplest way.

We buy miles for the leading airlines, including American Airlines, British Airways, Singapore Airlines, Virgin, Delta and more. You can choose from all available airlines by clicking on the ‘Sell Miles’ tab at the top of the page: you’ll find a list of your options in a dropdown menu.

To start the process, just fill in the form and tell us the key details requested for a risk-free quote. All you have to do is tell us how to reach you, which airline your miles are for and the amount available.

Send the details through and we’ll get back to you with a highly-competitive rate as quickly as we can. Alternatively, you can get through to us via live chat or over the phone.

We make our offers based on the latest market data and insights; these are updated constantly to ensure we give you the best quotes we possibly can. You’ll earn the highest prices we can offer for all of your airline miles.

How to Buy Airline Mile

The Miles Market makes it easy to buy airline miles too!

All you have to do is browse the selection of airlines available and input the number of miles you want to buy. That’s it. It’s a simple transaction and your miles will be transferred to your account without a fuss once you’ve paid — no extra fees, no obstacles.

More and more people realize they can make money off their accumulated airline miles now, and you can get your trips off to a great start by taking them off their hands. You’ll be free to start travelling on great airlines at a higher grade of luxury, which makes a huge difference on long-distance flights.

You can use our contact form to get a risk-free quote on your airline-miles purchase, just as you would if you were looking to sell miles.

Select the airline you’re interested in and the amount you’re looking for. Our friendly team will reach out to you in next to no time, possibly even seconds.

If you love to travel on a regular basis but can’t always afford to book seats in First or Business Class, buying other passengers’ airline miles is your chance to change that. The Miles Market is committed to helping you buy and sell airline miles at unbeatable prices.